With classics, CBF dismembers the 21st to 25th round of the Brazilian Nationals

The CBF released the table with dates and times for rounds 21 to 25 of the Brazilian Championship. Nearing the end of the first round, the championship had some 19th round matches postponed due to the calls for the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup. In order not to harm the clubs, the entity rescheduled the games.

The highlights of the clashes are the two classics from São Paulo. At the end of September, the 25th, Corinthians receives Palmeiras at the Neo Química Arena for the 22nd round. São Paulo and Santos are scheduled for October 7, at Morumbi, in a match valid for the 24th round.

Check out the details of rounds 21 to 25 of the Brazilian Championship:

21st round

September 18th

17:00: Chapecoense x Palmeiras (Arena Condá)

6:45 pm: Athletico-PR x Youth (Arena da Baixada)

19:00: Atlético-MG x Sport (Mineirão)

9:00 pm: Ceará x Santos (Arena Castelão)

9:00 pm: Bahia x Red Bull Bragantino (Pituaçu)

September 19

11:00 am: International x Fortaleza (Beira-Rio)

4:00 pm: São Paulo x Atlético-GO (Morumbi)

6:15 pm: Corinthians x America-MG (Neo Química Arena)

8:30 pm: Flamengo x Grêmio (Maracanã)

September 20

20h: Cuiabá x Fluminense (Arena Pantanal)

22nd round

september 25th

17:00: Ceará x Chapecoense (Arena Castelão)

19:00: Corinthians vs. Palmeiras (Neo Química Arena)

9:00 pm: São Paulo x Atlético-MG (Morumbi)

september 26th

11:00 am: America-MG x Flamengo (Independence)

4:00 pm: Fluminense x Bragantino (Maracanã)

4:00 pm: International x Bahia (Beira-Rio)

4:00 pm: Youth vs. Santos (Alfredo Jaconi)

6:15 pm: Sport x Fortaleza (Ilha do Retiro)

6:15 pm: Athletico-PR x Grêmio (Arena da Baixada)

8:30 pm: Atlético-GO x Cuiabá (Antonio Accioly)

23rd round

October 2nd

17:00: Cuiabá x América-MG (Arena Pantanal)

17:00: Fortaleza x Atlético-GO (Arena Castelão)

19:00: Bahia x Ceará (Pituaçu)

19:00: Bragantino vs Corinthians (Nabi Abi Chedid)

9:00 pm: Atlético-MG x Internacional (Mineirão)

October 3rd

4:00 pm: Chapecoense x São Paulo (Arena Condá)

4:00 pm: Flamengo x Athletico-PR (Maracanã)

6:15 pm: Santos x Fluminense (Vila Belmiro)

6:15 pm: Palmeiras x Youth (Allianz Parque)

8:30 pm: Grêmio x Sport (Arena do Grêmio)

24th round

October 5th

9:30 pm: Corinthians x Bahia (Neo Química Arena)

October 6th

19:00: Sport x Youth (Ilha do Retiro)

19:00: Atlético-GO x Athletico-PR (Antonio Accioly)

19:00: Chapecoense x Atlético-MG (Arena Condá)

19:00: Ceará x International (Arena Castelão)

8:30 pm: Bragantino x Flamengo (Nabi Abi Chedid)

9:30 pm: Grêmio x Cuiabá (Grêmio Arena)

9:30 pm: América-MG x Palmeiras (Independence)

9:30 pm: Fluminense x Fortaleza (Maracanã)

October 7th

19:00: São Paulo x Santos (Morumbi)

25th round

September 9th

17:00: Internacional x Chapecoense (Riverside)

19:00: Fortaleza x Flamengo (Arena Castelão)

19:00: Athletico-PR x Bahia (Arena da Baixada)

9:00 pm: Palmeiras x Bragantino (Allianz Parque)

October 10th

3:15 pm: Youth x America-MG (Alfredo Jaconi)

16:00: Fluminense x Atlético-GO (Maracanã)

4 pm: Atlético-MG x Ceará (Mineirão)

4:00 pm: Sport x Corinthians (Ilha do Retiro)

6:15 pm: Santos x Grêmio (Vila Belmiro)

8:30 pm: Cuiabá x São Paulo (Arena Pantanal)