With the sale of Emerson to Tottenham, Atltico loses chance to earn more

The sale of right-back Emerson from Barcelona to Tottenham, announced this Tuesday, frustrates Atltico’s plans to make more money from the player. The Brazilian club would be entitled to €1 million (R$6.1 million at the current rate) if the 22-year-old completed 30 matches for the Catal team. He leaves Spain after three matches wearing the blue jersey. With the transfer, Atltico will receive a much lower value: just over R$ 760 thousand. The amount corresponds to 0.5% of the 25 million euros (R$ 152.5 million at the current rate) that the English club agreed to pay to hire Emerson.
This is the percentage that Atltico is responsible for having participated in the athlete’s training process, who played for the Galo between April 2018 and January 2019. According to FIFA’s Solidarity Mechanism, up to 5% of the total value of every transaction must be shared among the clubs defended by the player from the 12th to the 23rd anniversary.


In January 2019, Atltico announced the sale of Emerson for around 12.1 million euros (R$ 50.8 million at the price at the time).

Clube Alvinegro was entitled to 62.5% of the amount, which totals approximately 7.5 million euros (R$ 31.7 million). Of this amount, 100,000 euros (R$ 417 thousand) were transferred to Ponte Preta, former right-back team.

According to the contract, if the full-back played 30 games for Barcelona, ​​Galo would be entitled to receive another 1 million euros (R$ 6.1 million at the current rate) – a value well above the R$ 760 thousand generated by the transfer to Tottenham.

Before playing for Bara, Emerson wore the Betis shirt. The two teams made an agreement to buy the Atltico full-back together. The Catalo club had to pay around R$56 million to its Spanish rival to have the athlete at the beginning of this season.