​ Rafael’s negotiation demands R$ 1 million in gloves, and Botafogo tries to reduce the value with commercial actions

Botafogo and Rafael are arguing and advancing in a possible agreement for the right-back to become an alvinegro player. One of the few items that still separates conversations from a handshake is the issue of gloves, a commission paid to people involved in the business.

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As it is a free player on the market and comes at zero cost in terms of transfers, there is a commission that is paid to the entrepreneurs involved in the matter. In Rafael’s question, the gloves requested from Botafogo are above R$ 1 million.

The amount, due to Botafogo’s financial situation, is greater than the club can pay. The board, however, is looking for ways to amortize and reduce this amount, and all of this goes through the commercial sphere.

Botafogo is studying that Rafael and those involved earn a financial stake in each shirt and product sold by the right-back. In addition, financial actions involving the fan partner program were also mentioned and are under study.

In this way, the athlete would have a share of everything that was sold to fans under his name. Botafogo tries to convince entrepreneurs to reduce the short term income involving medium/long term amounts. The 31-year-old’s willingness to defend the club can also positively weigh.

The salary terms are practically agreed. Rafael refused proposals and surveys of higher values ​​to accept lower numbers from Botafogo for wanting to defend Alvinegro. There is also a clause that can increase the athlete’s salaries in case of ascending to Serie A do Brasileirão. A new answer must be given within the next 24 hours.

Raphael - Basaksehir

Rafael’s last club was Basaksehir (Photo: Divulgation/Basaksehir)