12 million customers’ electricity bills will not have a new tariff flag

Electricity bill: 220 kWh limit (Photo: Publicity)Electricity bill: 220 kWh limit (Photo: Publicity)

About 12 million residential customers across Brazil will not have their electricity bills readjusted as of this month. These consumers are beneficiaries of the social tariff and, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), were not included in the new water scarcity tariff flag.

The social electricity tariff is intended for vulnerable customers who are included in the federal government’s CadÚnico (single registration) and who have a family income per person of up to half the minimum wage (equivalent to R$550 in 2021) a month.

Also entitled to the social tariff are people who receive the BPC (Continued Cash Benefit), which is intended for elderly people over 65 or disabled in a situation of poverty.

Finally, the social tariff can also be requested by citizens registered in the CadÚnico with a monthly income of up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,300 in 2021) who have people with illnesses or disabilities in the family whose medical treatment depends on equipment that requires energy consumption. electric.

Customers who receive the social tariff are exempt from payments related to charges such as the CDE (Energy Development Account) and the Proinfa (Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electric Energy).

In addition, these consumers have progressive discounts on the account, ranging between 10% and 65%, depending on the consumption range. For quilombolas and indigenous people, the discount can reach 100%.


The water scarcity flag was announced by Aneel last Tuesday (31). According to the regulatory agency, the increase was motivated by the low level of reservoirs at hydroelectric plants, which requires the activation of thermoelectric plants and even the import of energy, which increases the cost.

With the new tariff flag, the customer will pay R$ 14.20 for every 100 kWh (kilowatt-hour). In August, the amount charged, referring to the red flag level 2, was R$ 9,492 for every 100 kWh. The increase, therefore, is 49.6% compared to the amount practiced last month. The forecast is that the water scarcity flag will be in effect until April 2022.

In addition to citizens included in the social tariff, the adjustment will not be applied to residents of Roraima, since the state is not part of the SIN (National Interconnected System).

Who is entitled to the social tariff?

Enrolled in the CadÚnico whose family income per person is less than half the minimum wage (BRL 550 in 2021) per month Elderly or disabled people in a situation of social vulnerability who receive the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) Families enrolled in the CadÚnico with monthly income of up to three minimum wages that have sick or disabled people at home and whose treatment depends on equipment that requires the use of electricity.

How to order the social tariff

The request must be made directly to the electricity concessionaire (see below for the list of concessionaires that serve Greater São Paulo).

It is necessary to inform:

  • Name, CPF, ID card or other official photo identification document. In the case of indigenous people, the Rani (Administrative Registry of Indigenous Birth) must also be presented.
  • Code of the consumer unit to be benefited.
  • NIS (Social Identification Number), registration code in the CadÚnico and, in the case of those who receive the BPC, it is also necessary to inform the benefit number.
  • In the case of families that have sick or disabled people undergoing treatment with equipment that requires the use of electricity, it is necessary to present a medical report proving the situation.