12th generation Intel Core Alder Lake-S expected to cost up to $705

Prices were obtained by leaker who also got CPU prices in Europe

O leaker Momomo_US found the prices of the next Intel processor generation on European and American websites. According to the leaks, the i9 12900K it will cost $705 and 608 Euros (without added tax). The models that appeared in stores match the rumors that only the K series will be released this year.

O Intel Core i9 12900KF, without integrated graphics, appeared for the “trifle” of $674.96. How can you expect the moment of the famous chip shortage, prices are higher than the previous generation. O i9 11900K it arrived costing $539, and the KF $519.

O Intel Core i5 12600K is advertised for $343.38. Its 11th Generation model was released for $182. i5 12600K will come out by 312.70, if the leak is correct. See below the image with the prices found.

Source: Reproduction/Momomo_US

European prices show a version without VAT (aggregate tax) and one with. The $608 price of the i9 12900K rises to 736 at one of the stores. In the print posted on the Tweet, the prices of the Intel Core Alder Lake in three stores in a European country (yes, the Netherlands according to the Dutch website Tweakers). In the “column” on the right are the prices with VAT.

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Source: Reproduction/Momomo_US

Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake: What We Know So Far

The next generation of Intel processors will be based on 10nm Enhanced SuperFin technology, now called Intel 7, and hybrid core assembly. This hybrid assembly makes the CPUs have a mix of large cores for heavier tasks and smaller cores for simpler tasks. Thus, there is an energy saving in the use of the processor. This will be the first generation of Intel processors compatible with 5th generation DDR5 and PCIe memories. the sockets of Alder Lake are the LGA 1700.

The new generation will be presented at the event Intel Innovation, which takes place on the 27th and 28th of October this year. Rumors indicate that only the K series will be released in 2021, with the others arriving in CES 2022. Price leaks by leaker Momomo_US corroborate these rumors.


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Via: Videocardz Source: Momomo_US, Tweakers