2021 Emergency Aid: 6th and 7th installment payment schedule

The new schedules of emergency aid are already available. This week, the Federal Savings Bank began releasing withdrawals and transfers from the fifth installment of the program. As determined, the sixth round should start on the 17th of this month.

O Emergency Assistance is helping thousands of Brazilian citizens since last year. The measure that was launched to support the vulnerable population facing the pandemic resulting from Covid-19 and will have only seven installments this year, continuing until the month of October.

Withdrawals of the 5th installment of Emergency Aid

On Wednesday (01), beneficiaries who do not receive the family allowance have access to the benefit of emergency aid in kind. Withdrawals can be made at Caixa’s bank branches or at Casas Lotéricas.

Transfers can be made directly by box has through PIX or TED. The application is the main means of moving the benefit, which makes a series of services available to its users.

Payment of the 6th installment of the Aid

After the withdrawal period for the current round ends, Caixa will begin depositing the sixth installment of the program. policyholders of family allowance will have access to the money from the 17th of this month.

The general public will receive the allowance from the 21st, also this month. The authorization for withdrawal is scheduled to start on October 4th. Check out the sixth installment calendars for both groups below:

Schedule of payments for the 6th installment of emergency aid – Bolsa Família

NIS final numberDates
NIS 1September 17th
NIS 2September 20
NIS 3September 21st
NIS 4September 22
NIS 5September 23th
NIS 6September 24th
NIS 7september 27th
NIS 8September 28th
NIS 9September 29th
NIS 0September 30th

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Schedule of deposits of the 6th installment of emergency aid – General Public

Birth monthdeposits
JanuarySeptember 21st
FebruarySeptember 22
MarchSeptember 23th
AprilSeptember 24th
Mayseptember 25th
Juneseptember 26th
JulySeptember 28th
AugustSeptember 29th
SeptemberSeptember 20
OctoberSeptember 1st
NovemberOctober 2nd
DecemberOctober 3rd

Payment of the 7th installment of Emergency Aid

To close the program, the last payments will take place between the months of October and November, also with different calendars for the two target audiences. See below:

Payment schedule for the 7th installment of emergency aid – Bolsa Família

NIS final numberDates
NIS 1october 18th
NIS 2October 19th
NIS 3October 20th
NIS 4October 21st
NIS 5October, 22
NIS 6October 25
NIS 7October 26th
NIS 8October 27th
NIS 9October 28th
NIS 0October 29th

Schedule of deposits of the 7th installment of emergency aid – General Public

Birth monthdeposits
JanuaryOctober 20th
FebruaryOctober 21st
MarchOctober, 22
AprilOctober, 23
MayOctober, 23
JuneOctober 26th
JulyOctober 27th
AugustOctober 28th
SeptemberOctober 29th
OctoberOctober 30
NovemberOctober 30
DecemberOctober 31st

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