2022 Northeast Cup defines the clashes of the 1st knockout phase | northeast cup

The CBF drew this Thursday afternoon the matches of the first preliminary of the 2022 Northeast Cup. In this phase, there will be 16 teams distributed in eight games (only one way), being played in the home of the best ranked teams. The matches are scheduled to take place between the 13th and 14th of October, and the classifieds will proceed to the second preliminary (check the matches below).

Copa do Nordeste defines the games of the first phase of the qualifiers — Photo: Reproduction / Copa do Nordeste

The draw held this Thursday afternoon brought together 16 clubs divided into two pots, defined according to the CBF ranking: the top eight in pot 1 and the others in pot 2. Pot 1 was composed by: ASA (Alagoas), Imperatriz (Maranhão), Itabaiana (Sergipe), Jacuipense (Bahia), Juazeirense (Bahia), Moto Club (Maranhão), River-PI (Piauí) and Treze (Paraíba). Pot 2 had: Atlético-CE (Ceará), Bahia de Feira (Bahia), Central (Pernambuco), Floresta (Ceará), Fluminense-PI (Piauí), Lagarto (Sergipe), Retro (Pernambuco) and Sousa ( Paraíba).

The best ranked teams will have the right to dispute the matches at home. Remembering that this first preliminary is decided in a single game.

After this first preliminary, the classifieds go to the second knockout, finding the teams already guaranteed in it, which are: ABC (Rio Grande do Norte), América-RN (Rio Grande do Norte), Botafogo-PB (Paraíba), Confiança (Sergipe), CRB (Alagoas), Rail (Ceará), Santa Cruz (Pernambuco) and Vitória (Bahia). In this case, the teams that are in this second phase will play at home in front of the classifieds in the previous stage. This phase is also played in a single game and the switch has already been drawn in this Thursday’s event (check below how it turned out).

The second phase of the qualifiers will also be defined in a single game — Photo: Reproduction / Northeast Cup

The third phase will happen only with the eight classified in the second. Now in round-trip departures, this stage will be held between the 27th and 28th of October (one way) and 3rd and 4th of November (back). Four duels will define the four clubs that will join CSA (Alagoas), Bahia and Atlético de Alagoinhas (Bahia), Ceará and Fortaleza (Ceará), Sampaio Corrêa (Maranhão), Campinense (Paraíba), Náutico and Sport (Pernambuco), Altos (Piauí), Globo FC (Rio Grande do Norte) and Sergipe, all already guaranteed in the group stage.

In 2022, the Northeast Cup will feature 36 teams in all. It is the highest number in all 19 editions of the regional. The group stage, which takes place next year, will be played in the first half with 16 teams distributed in two groups like eight, a format that has been happening for some years.