50 million! YouTube Music and Premium Celebrate Record Users Worldwide

After the YouTube Music app hit Galaxy Watch 4 now YouTube is celebrating a milestone of 50 million users of both YouTube Premium and Music worldwide. The statistic considers both free users who are testing both and paying users.

YouTube commented on the milestone on his blog in a post where he said:

YouTube Music’s exclusive and Premium offerings are resonating in both established and emerging music markets. We are seeing impressive growth in countries like Korea, India, Japan, Russia and Brazil, where music is a great passion.

Furthermore, it is interesting to comment on YouTube’s partnerships with other apps, such as Pok√©mon Go, where users who purchased a ticket to Go Fest 2021 received 3 months of YouTube Premium as a bonus, something that certainly contributed to this impressive number of users of the service. .

YouTube Premium is currently the most complete app combo, offering video downloads, in-app ad removal, background videos even playback with screen off, plus access to YouTube Music.

In Brazil, the individual subscription fee is R$20.90 per month, but there is also the Family Plan, which costs R$31.90/month and can be shared with up to 5 people.