A group of people fight over the price of salmon in the Public Market of Itajaí

A video of a group of people fighting in the Public Market of Itajaí circulates on social networks. The situation occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, 2.

The reason for the fight would be the price of the salmon. The Military Police was called to respond to the incident at around 12:40 pm, to appear at the Public Market, located on Avenida Ministro Victor Konder, in downtown Itajaí.

salmon price

When the military police arrived at the scene, the fight had already ended. The garrison spoke with five involved, three women and two men. They are merchants who work in the establishment and would have fought over the price of the fish.

According to information gathered at the site, the fight started after verbal friction. Later, those involved began the physical attacks. According to the PM, threats, injuries and slight bodily harm were registered.

The Military Police prepared the police report and a detailed term. In addition, body of crime examination guides were also issued.

The video that recorded the moment of the fight and was recorded by the local monitoring system was also provided to the Military Police. Those involved were informed about the hearing at the Special Criminal Court of the District of Itajaí.

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