A poster in the DF Health Department room suggests that servers relieve stress: “Beat your head here”

A poster placed on one of the internal doors of the Undersecretary of Comprehensive Health Care (Sais), of the Health Department of the Federal District, gave an unusual message to servers. The message reads: “Anti-stress. Hit your head here.”

Images of the sticker circulated on social networks and received negative comments as a result of the suggestion being made by a public health agency. “You have to report it. Lack of respect”, says one of the manifestations. “Unbelievable,” says another.

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In a statement, the Undersecretary informed that “this matter took place more than two months ago” and that the poster was removed “immediately, after the first complaint.” According to the folder, the adhesive plate was not placed in September Yellow, month of suicide prevention.

“In reality, it was a game between servers of the same team, in a moment of relaxation. Soon after, the sign was removed, as they wanted to prevent it from generating any kind of embarrassment”, he claimed.

“Sais informs that the unit recognizes the importance of all employees working in the folder and would never agree or act in a way that would generate any kind of embarrassment. At the same time, he apologizes if this has happened to anyone,” he concluded.