Across the Amazon, Bárbara Paz wears a mask with a plant in Venice

Barbara Paz

Barbara Paz

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ barbararaquelpaz / Elas on the Red Carpet

Fashion can be an instrument of protest. Barbara Peace proved this by going through the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday, 1st.

Instead of a long, shiny dress, which is more common at events like this, the Brazilian actress and director bet on a blazer, pants, shirt, bow tie, hat and high-heeled boots. To top it off, she wore a mask on her face attached to a potted plant on her back. All to protest the crescent Amazon deforestation.

“Amazon is the lung of the world and humanity has the right to breathe. We all carry some of it in us”, he wrote in the caption of the post.

The actress was at the event to watch the premiere of Parallel Mothers, new film by the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. And, of course, it caught the attention of photographers.

Very famous praised the attitude of the actress. “You are amazing,” wrote Didi Wagner. “Socorrooo! Goddess Mor! aff I’m a big fan,” said Marcella Ricca. “How beautiful,” said Betty Faria. And anonymous people also manifested: “Don’t come strong, I’m from the North. Long live our Amazon It represented very well. In the look and in the protest”, wrote a follower.

The actress wore a Gucci tuxedo, João Pimenta shirt, Superduper hat. All with styling by Sorelle Toledo, who together with Barbara, had the idea of ​​creating the emblematic accessory made with a plant from the Amazon and a breathing mask.