Actor Sérgio Mamberti dies aged 82 in SP | São Paulo

Actor Sérgio Mamberti, 82 years old, died at dawn this Friday (3) in São Paulo. The artist was admitted to a hospital belonging to the Prevent Senior network, in the city of São Paulo. The information was confirmed by one of the actor’s sons, Carlos Mamberti.

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  • Sérgio Mamberti built a solid career on stage and screen, in addition to acting in the promotion of cultural policies

To G1, Carlos stated that the father was intubated, with an infection in the lungs. He died of multiple organ failure.

Sérgio Mamberti (Dionísio) and José Loreto (Candinho) in the 2013 soap opera ‘Flor do Caribe’ — Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior

In July of this year, Mamberti had been hospitalized to treat pneumonia and went through an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After about 15 days, he recovered and was discharged.

The actor collected numerous prominent roles. It was in the series that his most beloved character lived, the late Dr. Victor do Castelo Rá-tim-bum.

He also participated in TV Globo productions, such as “A diarista” and “Os Normal”. “Currently, he was in the cast of “3%”, a Brazilian series produced by Netflix.

Mamberti directed important pieces on the São Paulo circuit. In 2019, the award-winning “A panorama seen from the bridge” premiered, alongside Rodrigo Lombardi.

Rodrigo Lombardi and Sérgio Mamberti are some of the actors on stage in the play ‘Um Panorama Seen from the Bridge’ — Photo: Ale Catan/Divulgação

He made his film debut in 1966 with the comedy “Nudista à force”, by Victor Lima. Afterwards, he had numerous hits: “O Bandido da Luz Vermelha” (1968), “Toda Nudez Sera Castigada” (1973), “O Homem do Pau Brasil” (1980), “A Hora da Estrela” (1985), “A Cine Shanghai Lady” (1987).

He also starred in children’s films such as “Xuxa Abracadabra” (2003) and “O Cavaleiro Didi ea Princesa Lili” (2006).

Mamberti also reigned in soap operas. One of his first prominent roles was as João Semana in “As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor” (1970).

After that, he also acted in , “Brilhante” (1981), “Anjo Mau” (1998), “The Prophet” (2007), “Flor do Caribe” (2013), “Sol Nascente” (2016), among others. His biggest success was the butler Eugenio in the classic “Vale Tudo” (1988).

A great cultural articulator, he sheltered in his house in São Paulo artists from Brazil and abroad who needed shelter. Among its guests are Novos Baianos, Asdrúbal Trouxe o Trombone and The Living Theatre.

In 2021, he released the autobiography “Sérgio Mamberti: Senhor do meu Tempo”, written with journalist Dirceu Alves Jr.

Actor Sérgio Mamberti, in a scene from the soap opera ‘Vale Tudo’ — Photo: Acervo Globo

Mamberti was born on April 22, 1939, in the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. For more than 60 years, he dedicated himself to Brazilian art and culture through various activities: he was an actor, director, producer, author, visual artist and held various political positions in the Ministry of Culture.

In 1964, he married Vivien Mahr, with whom he had three children: the actor Duda, the director Fabrício and Carlos. The wife died in 1980.

After that, he had a partner for 37 years, Ednaldo Torquato, who died in 2019. When publishing his autobiography in April of this year, the actor spoke openly about his bisexuality.

Sérgio Mamberti (Silvano) and Aracy Balabanian (Hermínia) in the scene of the soap opera ‘Sabor da Paixão’, from 2002 — Photo: TV Globo/Gianne Carvalho

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