Actress Larissa Manoela discovers disease in the uterus: “It scared me”

posted on 09/02/2021 10:19 AM

  (credit: Larissa Manoela/Instagram/Reproduction)

(credit: Larissa Manoela/Instagram/Reproduction)

Actress Larissa Manoela did a live on Instagram to raise awareness among followers after discovering she has endometriosis, a disease in the uterus. She talked about the pain caused and expressed thanks for having discovered the problem in the beginning.

“It’s all still very new for me, I’m discovering. But the most important thing about having shared open something so personal in my life was knowing that I can inspire other women to also do in-depth research and save and give quality of life to these women. women,” he said.

Larissa Manoela also spoke about the consequences of the disease: “Living with pain… [é ruim] and anyone who has endometriosis, or thinks he has it, knows what it’s like to live with it. So, if a woman who I am, I managed to inspire with this live, she already transforms for me, it becomes much more special than this whole process of discovery, of learning.”

The actress reported that the discovery of the disease was a shock, but celebrated that she was already undergoing treatment: “It scared me because one of my biggest dreams is to be a mother. Thank God I found out at the beginning and got it in the initial state. It’s important to get in the state initial, because it is an inflammatory, autoimmune disease. You against yourself, so it is important to have support, treatment”.