Actress named as Caio Castro’s affair says she receives death threats

Named the pivot of the separation between Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera, actress Larissa Bonesi, who makes films in India, says she has been receiving death threats. According to her, there was never any betrayal on her part with Castro, although they have had a quick relationship in the past.

“When they started to divulge other things I said: ‘Oh my God, how bad’. Because it hurt me a lot and it hurt my family a lot. There are people saying that if I go out on the street, they’ll kill me,” he said in an interview to Gossipizing (SBT).

The actress reiterates that it has nothing to do with the separation. “I have nothing to do with this separation, I have not been pivotal in anything, there has been no betrayal, there has been no exchange of messages. These things you are talking about are pure lies.”

Larissa, one of Bollywood’s stars, says she lost contact with Castro as soon as he started dating Grazi. Not even when the couple took a trip to India did she meet them.

She says they both had a brief relationship, for a couple of months, before he took over the relationship. “He is a very special person to me, he was part of my history, he marked my life even if it was a short period. My feeling is one of affection and admiration”, he says.

In late August, Caio spoke about the end of his relationship with actress Grazi Massafera. The actor used Instagram Stories to deny that he cheated on the actress, whom he dated for about two years.

“We were never one to talk about our relationship. We never exposed much about us, and it won’t be now that I will feed this type of report. But inventing a story of betrayal is more than lack of respect”, lamented Castro, who then asked that followers respect Massafera and so does he.

“We decided to separate for our own reasons, we were mature and we respected, above all, our love”, wrote the artist. “And if I can ask for anything, I would like to ask respect for the moment we are going through. Me and Grazi. Good week everyone,” he concluded.

Massafera had already confirmed the end of the relationship in an exclusive interview with the magazine Ela, from the newspaper O Globo, published this Sunday (29). “My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood it was time for us to go apart,” said the actress. “What I can say now is that we end our story with all due respect.”

Castro and Massafera took over the relationship on February 14, 2020, when Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States. Surrounded by heart-shaped balloons, the actress appeared holding a glass of wine, discreetly. Castro, who in turn shared the click on his story, left the “Happy Valentine’s Day” message in English.

The two raised suspicions of dating after being seen kissing on presenter Luciano Huck’s birthday, in September 2019, and then at last year’s Rock in Rio festival. Despite being always together, and having taken a trip to South Africa, the two had not made the commitment on the networks before the aforementioned date.