Adilson Batista suggests what Grêmio should do to escape the Z4

Grêmio’s situation is quite complicated in this Brasileirão. Since the second round, the club has been in the relegation zone. But Adilson Batista, who worked as a coach in the campaign that saved Grêmio in 2003, gave a tip for the tricolor to get out of this situation.

In that case, Grêmio only managed to escape the relegation zone in the last round. The tricolor applied a 3-0 victory at Corinthians and then managed to save themselves.

The coach stressed the need for players to embrace Felipão’s idea in order to escape the relegation zone. Check out his speech in full:

“Everyone needs to embrace Felipão’s idea. It has a team, it has conditions, it has good administration. No madness, no despair.” Said Adilson Batista.

As he pointed out, it is necessary to act without despair. Measures taken with desperation usually don’t have good effects, so calmly and following Felipão’s idea, Grêmio should be able to leave the relegation zone.

Adilson Batista suggests what Grêmio should do to escape the Z4

If Grêmio didn’t have a good team, the situation would be even more frightening than it is. But, as the squad is better than most that are fighting in this zone of the table, Adilson Batista is confident that the tricolor will recover. Check out:

“It’s in stages, winning, tying, winning, tying. Game by game. Some confrontations in which you have to win and others in which you can negotiate points. There are a lot of people nearby who are in the fight. Felipão, due to the experience he has, will succeed, I believe.” Completed the former coach of Grêmio.

As the coach said, Felipão’s experience should be essential for Grêmio to save itself and probably the same is correct. With another turn to go, you should hope that the team fits and Grêmio gets out of this situation.

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Image: Bruno Haddad/Cruise