Afghan refugee children die after eating poisonous mushrooms in Poland | World

Two Afghan brothers, ages five and six, died after eating poisonous mushrooms in Poland, where they had managed to flee with their family after the Taliban took power in their home country.

The boys and a 17-year-old sister ingested the mushrooms after relatives collected them in a forest near a refugee center in Podkowa Leśna, mistaking them for a popular edible species.

The confusion would have occurred between the Hemlock (Amanita phalloides) and Parasol (Macrolepiota procera) mushrooms.

The youngest boy died on Thursday, and the six-year-old even underwent a liver transplant, but suffered brain damage and his condition was considered very serious. He died this Friday (3), according to the agency France Presse.

The older sister responded well to the treatment and was already discharged.

The brothers arrived in Poland accompanied by their parents, referred by the UK government, last month. The father had worked for the British troops who participated in the occupation of Afghanistan.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, another similar incident was recently reported near Warsaw, when four adult men, also Afghans, were hospitalized after eating poisonous mushrooms.

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