After losing 22 kilos, Luciano Szafir talks about Covid’s sequels

Luciano Szafir (Photo: Reproduction)Luciano Szafir (Photo: Reproduction)

Still dealing with the sequels of Covid-19, Luciano Szafir says he has already regained part of the more than 20 kilos he lost during the period he was hospitalized with the disease.

I lost 22 pounds. I’ve already got back ten or twelve or so. But, like that, the legs were very weak, the arms, the breathing part. I had 50% (from the lung) committed, maybe a little more. I couldn’t take three steps. Because I had the surgeries too, right? It wasn’t just Covid (…) I had a colostomy, I have the bag. I had a bleed, so they opened me three fingers below my chest to below my navel. I had some very complicated things, that’s why I was in the hospital for so long, which made me even weaker – said the actor in a live with Leda Nagle.

He remembers the reaction when he saw his own legs:

– I was skin and bone. My leg, I remember I looked like that and I remembered my grandfather. If I took a picture of my leg, I would say: “This is a 90-year-old man’s leg” (…) My leg would crack six times with each step.

The actor and entrepreneur also commented on his post-Covid life:

– People hold the “I beat Covid” sign. You won the first half. Because you have the second half. The battle doesn’t end there. Sometimes you can be as lucky as I was and you also have no psychological sequelae. You can be almost asymptomatic and get so scared that you can have panic attacks, a series of sequelae. It’s very important to take care of these people later.


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In the chat, Szafir then revealed an experience he had after being intubated. Right before the procedure, he received a visit from his sister and his wife at the hospital and says he relived the scene several times.

– I said: “Guys, I’ve already lived this”. In 10 seconds they will intubate me, I will pass out and I won’t make it. I’m going to die… This happened 30 times. It was the worst feeling I’ve had in my life. It’s like you have the worst moment of your life of pain in a lapse of time. And I had my arms tied. I don’t know if it’s even this time, I let go of my arm. I get goose bumps just talking. I don’t know if it was my head playing tricks on me, but that was a reality for me. I knew exactly what each one was going to say. I couldn’t sleep at night even after I got back to the bedroom. I had nightmares about it. A real panic.