Al Ewing condemns Joe Bennett’s prejudiced illustrations

An illustration made in 2017 by the Brazilian artist Joe Bennett in support of the then deputy Jair Bolsonaro took the screenwriter Al Ewing, who worked with the illustrator in The Immortal Hulk, declaring that he will never work with his ex-partner again. In your Twitter, the comic artist revealed that he had already dealt with the case internally at Marvel and apologized to the public for not having publicly repudiated Bennett’s actions thus far.

The screenwriter also stated that this was not the only problematic case related to the artist that came to his attention. Recently, Bennett chuckled back at transphobic comments on official Hulk Woman art, as well as images with anti-Semitic overtones inserted into the pages of The Immortal Hulk #43. Check out Ewing’s full statement below:

There’s an image made by Joe Bennett in 2017 circulating. I won’t share it, but I saw it and it’s reprehensible. (…) If you saw the image, you know what it is. An armored swordsman, who I believe is Bolsonaro because of Joe’s comments, slaughtering small people on the run with huge teeth and mouse ears. And big noses. One of them dressed as Dracula

I imagine these are political opponents of some sort, but even if they aren’t, the meaning is clear. Worm-like human beings being exterminated. Even though it has been deleted, the fact that it was designed, signed and proudly displayed by Joe speaks volumes. This isn’t Joe’s first problem I’ve learned about. I’ve talked about it behind the scenes, but that’s no comfort to people hit by this kind of brutal propaganda. My lack of publicly visible repudiation has let people down, and I apologize

To add material action to this apology, I made donations to [fundação de apoio à comunidade LGBTQIA+] Rainbow Railroad and [à ONG ambientalista] Rainforest Trust. I understand if this seems an empty or insufficient gesture to those reading this. The Immortal Hulk it’s over, but I won’t work with Joe again. If people choose not to read my work with other artists in the future because of the way I’ve handled this subject, I understand and accept. I lost your trust and it’s my fault

I can’t speak for Joe. Let him speak for himself. But I will say that it is not for him – or me – to say what people hurt by his past behavior should or should not be willing to accept from him from now on. He is reaping what he sowed. That said, I will probably be absent from the Twitter for a while and I won’t read or respond to the answers yet. Again, I understand if this seems insufficient. Thanks for reading

As of the publication of this note, Bennett has not commented on the matter.

The Immortal Hulk began to be published in 2018 and accumulated nominations for the Eisner Award throughout its publication. The title will come to an end with the number 50. In Brazil, the series is published by panini