Anitta, Ivete and other famous people praise first album

Today, Juliette celebrated the release of her first music project, which features six tracks. Famous people used social media to celebrate the project and praise the unreleased songs of the “BBB 21” winner.


The singer, who participated in Juliette’s music project, made a request to fans after the release. “Top 1 to 6 already”, he wrote expecting the success of the songs.

Ivete Sangalo

“Blast it! God with you and all the angels leading you!”, wished the singer and presenter in the comments of the post made by Juliette on Instagram.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

The actress praised Juliette’s voice on social media and wished the winner of “BBB 21” success.

Simone and Simaria

The duo also wished Juliette success moments after release.


“Juliette’s EP is peaceful, I don’t know. Something like a sweet smile,” said the comedian about the songs.

Charlie Brown

“It’s yours!”, cheered the artist when commenting on the work in a post made by Juliette on Instagram.

Bruno de Luca

The presenter called Juliette a “phenomenon” when commenting on the first album released by the ex-BBB.

Xand Airplane

The artist returned a compliment from Paraiba and asked fans to listen to the new tracks.

Deborah Dry

“May God bless. It rocks,” wrote the actress as she celebrated the launch in an Instagram commentary.

Dennis DJ

The artist praised one of the songs released by the winner of “BBB 21”.

Marta Silva

“You deserve it,” said the main player in the Brazilian women’s soccer team.

Carla Diaz, who participated in “BBB 21” with Juliette, and Rafael Portugal also left raves in Juliette’s post comments after the release was announced.

Listen to Juliette Freire’s first album