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The Wednesday (1st) edition of Ilha Record showed another mess by Any Borges that damaged both his game and that of his allies. In a strategy that no one understood, the former MTV voted for Mirella Santos, her own friend, and instantly regretted it.

But that wasn’t Any’s first hesitation; she had committed almost the same faux pas when she voted for Nanah Damasceno, in addition to having harmed her own friends, such as Claudinho Matos, with the delay in taking the tests. As if that wasn’t enough, the businesswoman does not offer the entertainment that the public expects with her plant way of being.

Recall below five times Any faltered and hurt the game or its allies:


The most recent swipe of the ball was with Mirella. The two were planning a bluff and intended to vote for Dinei, but ended up nominating each other. The problem is that the funkeira received votes from more people and ended up falling in the Survival Challenge against Laura Keller. The former MTV’s action drew criticism among exiles, who watched it all.


Before voting for Mirella, Any had already indicated another ally: Nanah Damasceno. The former MTV believed that the Guardian’s power could disrupt the plans of her allies, got confused and chose her friend. The aggravating factor this time was that she was already in the hot seat for the challenge, and ended up eliminating the influencer. Not even she was able to explain herself by repenting and apologizing.


In the first Team Event, Any had been selected by Claudinho for the water event, but she took a long time to enter the sea and ended up losing to Pyong Lee. .

Valesca Popozuda

In yet another Team Test, Any ended up fumbling and was slow to fulfill her part. His team, Esmeralda, ended up losing and being harmed in the vote. The businesswoman’s sluggishness angered Valesca Popozuda, who freaked out at the defeat and took it out on former MTV. “It took too long,” explained the funkeira.

Nadja person

Not even when provoked by Nadja Pessoa does Any react. The ex-Power Couple called the DJ a fake to her face, but made the shack herself, because Any was just crying. The game of the ex-On Vacation is disappointing even for the public, who are irritated with her slowness.

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