Arsenal player refuses vaccine, catches virus and is banned

Arsenal and Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka was infected with covid-19 after refusing to take the vaccine. The information is from the Swiss football federation.

According to the organization, this was why he did not play for the team in the victory against Greece, in a game valid for the European Qualifiers, which ended in 2-1.

“Granit Xhaka is a player who is not vaccinated. We leave it up to everyone, it’s a personal decision for each player, just like everyone else in Switzerland. We issued a recommendation for everyone to get vaccinated, but he decided for himself and he didn’t want to . And it is also your right,” said Swiss national spokesman Adrian Arnold.

“All the other players on the team have been vaccinated or recovered – so they are safe, at least from a medical point of view. So we have a very high vaccination rate internally. Now, unfortunately, Xhaka has been caught. From a sporting point of view , it’s a pity for us at this important moment,” he continued.

Finally, the spokesman said that the selection complies with all protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

“All of us always try to adhere to FIFA’s protocol as much as possible. We continue to keep our distance, we have masks at meetings… In the end, it is thanks to the team’s high rate of vaccination that all the other players have these antibodies. We don’t have any other person on the team that needs to be quarantined,” he concluded.

Infected, unvaccinated and quarantined, Xhaka was removed from the activities and must lose not only the next Swiss duel but also Arsenal’s game against Norwich, which happens on Saturday (11), for the Premier League.