At the age of 82, Sérgio Mamberti, Dr. Victor, of ‘Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum’ dies

Died at dawn this Friday (3), the actor Sergio Mamberti, at 82 years old. He was hospitalized in a hospital of the Prevent Senior network, in São Paulo, since last Saturday (28), when he was intubated for a lung infection.

The actor’s death was confirmed by his son Carlos Membert, to G1, and occurred as a result of multiple organ failure. In July, Mamberti had already been hospitalized to treat pneumonia, and he went through the ICU. He was discharged after about 15 days.

Sérgio Mamberti was an actor, director, producer, visual artist and politician, and has done memorable work in theater, film and TV, where he was immortalized with characters such as butler Eugênio, from the soap opera “Vale Tudo”, on TV Globo, and by Dr. Victor, in the children’s series “Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum”, on TV Cultura.

In April of this year, the actor had released his autobiography, “Sérgio Mamberti: Senhor do Meu Tempo”, by Edições Sesc.

Sérgio Mamberti was born in Santos, on the São Paulo coast, on April 22, 1939. He graduated in Performing Arts at the São Paulo School of Dramatic Arts. In theater, his debut took place in 1964, in the play “O Inoportuno”, directed by Antônio Abujamra.

Two years later, he made his film debut, in the film “Nudista à Força”, by Victor Lima, and in the following year he had a participation in the classic “O Bandido da Luz Vermelha”, by Rogério Sganzerla. Sérgio was also part of the cast of several other important titles in Brazilian cinema, such as “Toda Nudez Sera Castigada” and “Rio Babilônia”, among others.

On TV, her debut took place in 1966, on TV Record’s telenovela “Ana”, where she worked on several other works, before having a brief stint on TV Tupi and then, in 1981, debuting on Globo in the soap opera “Brilhante” , by Gilberto Braga.

Her last appearance on TV was in an episode of the sitcom “Eu, Ela e Um Milhão de Seguidores”, on the subscription channel Multishow. In telenovelas, his last role was with the character Dom Manfredo, in “Sol Nascente”, in 2016, the same year he participated in the Netflix series “3%”.

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