Atltico doesn’t sell starters and sees a distant goal, but wins by cups

(Photo: Pedro Souza/Atl

Atltico’s starting lineup was “unharmed” through the transfer window of Europe’s biggest leagues, which closed at the end of August. Without selling any of the main players, the club from Alvinegro is faced with an apparent contradiction: off the field, it was far from the goal of annual collection with negotiations; Inside it, it won strength in the fight for the dream titles.

Atltico’s biggest sales in 2021 were defensive midfielder Lo Sena to Spezia (BRL 8.1 million), defender Gabriel to Yokohama FC (BRL 10.2 million), midfielder David Terans to Athletico-PR (BRL 7.5 million) and from striker Marrony to Midtjylland (BRL 27.5 million, with BRL 18.3 million in cash and the rest in June 2023). The values ​​correspond to the quotations of the days on which the transfers were made official.

With the four negotiations, the club in Alvinegro guaranteed R$ 53.3 million – already considering the second installment of the payment of Midtjylland by Marrony, which will only be carried out almost two years from now. There were other smaller sales, such as that of forward Edinho to Fortaleza (less than R$ 2 million), for example, but without as much impact on the athletic coffers.

The amount raised so far is far from the R$ 120 million projected by Atltico for 2021, according to the financial budget approved by the Deliberative Council on November 30, 2020. The club can still reach the goal, as other markets (in some leagues in the Europe, Asia and the Middle East) remain open. The mission, however, is very difficult to be completed in the middle of the year, as negotiations with these countries tend to involve less money.

The club expects to get a good sale in the end-of-year window (European winter), which tends to be less busy. “(Target) We haven’t reached athlete sales yet. We did well until August and we’ll have to sell a well-sold athlete in the December window,” admitted businessman Rafael Menin, one of the investors responsible for managing the club.

On the other hand…

Atltico went through another transfer window without losing any holder. The last negotiations for athletes with this status were made at the turn of the 2019 to 2020 season, with striker Yimmi Char leaving for the Portland Timbers and goalkeeper Cleiton for Red Bull Bragantino.

If on the one hand this means more problems for indebted Alvinegro coffers, on the other hand it guarantees a strengthened team in the fight for titles. On the field, Atltico is going through a perfect season: champion from Minas Gerais, leader of the Brazilian Championship, semi-finalist for the Libertadores and is in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

The squad has been reinforced at each negotiation period and has stars such as midfielder Nacho Fernndez and strikers Eduardo Vargas, Hulk and Diego Costa. There are also young athletes with sales potential, according to the club’s internal evaluation: right-back Guga (23), defender Nathan Silva (24), left-back Guilherme Arana (24), midfielder Matas Zaracho (24) and forwards Savarino (24) and Svio (17). For now, however, everything follows as expectation.