AUDIO: gang that attacked banks in Araçatuba discusses after being shot: ‘Yellow, let’s go’ | São José do Rio Preto and Araçatuba

Check the audio transcript:

  • “Get that drone up now, what in five minutes? He’s in the car shot, partner, bro.”
  • “Calmed down. If we’re going to raise the drone now, how are we going to get out? Is this where we’re leaving? Let’s lift the drone when we go out, it’s no use lifting the drone and then not being able to lift it anymore when we go out.”
  • “Let’s go, raise the drone and let’s go. The partner is shot.”
  • “For us to go away and ‘the guys’ in yellow?”
  • “Positive. Yellow, let’s go.”
  • “Yellow, let’s go. There’s been shot there.”
  • “Right.”
  • “Hey, from 01, German, my friend, you want to go to the square, is that it?”
  • “We are in the square, everyone goes to the middle of the square, understand?”

Gang members discussed during mega-robbery in Araçatuba (SP) — Photo: Reproduction/TV TEM

After the crime, a suspect was found dead inside a car in the rural neighborhood of Taveira. The male body, also suspected of participation, was found in Sumaré (SP).

Two others were admitted to Santa Casa de Piracicaba (SP) with gunshot wounds. One of them died this Friday (3). However, it is not known who the injured person is referred to in the audio.

The video below, from the day of the mega-robbery, shows the moment when a criminal fell to the ground after being shot (see below). There is also no confirmation that the murdered criminal who appears in the video is the one mentioned in the audios by the gang.

Video shows the moment when criminal is shot during robbery in Araçatuba

Video shows the moment when criminal is shot during robbery in Araçatuba

At least 20 criminals participated in the action. They arrived in the central region of Araçatuba around midnight on Monday (30), used residents as a human shield and spread explosives.

Vehicles were burned in various parts of the city and region to prevent the arrival of the police. Drones were also used to monitor the gang’s escape.

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Security camera videos show residents on top of cars as the gang flees at high speed. One of the victims placed on one of the vehicles did not want to be identified, but reported moments of terror and insecurity.

Three people died in the city in the action, two residents and a criminal. Another five were injured, including the cyclist who had his feet amputated after being hit by an explosive.

Caixa Econômica Federal agency was destroyed after attack in Araçatuba (SP) — Photo: Personal archive

According to the Military Police, explosives were found in the streets, in banks, in abandoned cars and in a truck left near bank branches.

After more than 30 hours of work, teams from the Special Tactical Actions Group (Gate) disarmed and detonated all 98 artifacts in a landfill in the Água Branca neighborhood.

Gate seizes almost 100 explosives after attacking banks in Araçatuba — Photo: Reproduction

With the removal of bombs, streets and avenues were cleared on Tuesday (31). Some merchants took the opportunity to reopen the doors. Classes in municipal and state schools were resumed on Wednesday (1).

The attacked Banco do Brasil agency reopened its doors on Wednesday (1). The Caixa Econômica Federal branch is still closed and is not expected to reopen. Police said the two banks had money stolen, but the amount was not reported.

In all, seven suspects of participating in the crime were arrested. A couple were detained in the city, hours after the bank attack, suspected of being the gang’s scout.

The man was taken from the Penápolis prison to the Provisional Detention Center (DCP) in São José do Rio Preto (SP). The woman was sent to the Tupi Paulista penitentiary.

Another 27-year-old suspect, arrested in Campinas, had been taken to the PF headquarters in Araçatuba to testify. The man who confirmed his participation in the organization of the crime was also taken from Penápolis to the CDP in Rio Preto.

Photo shows suspect of participating in the mega-robbery with an injured left arm — Photo: Personal Archive

Two other suspects were hospitalized with wounds, under police escort, in Santa Casa de Piracicaba. According to police, one confessed to participating in the crime. The other was unconscious and died this Friday morning.

A criminal was found dead in an abandoned car in rural Araçatuba, after escaping from the gang. According to police, the man was shot in an exchange of fire with police in the center and taken away by his cronies, who abandoned him when they found him dead.

The body of another man was found in Sumaré (SP). He wore pants, gloves and a ballistic vest. Police suspect that it is also a criminal who attacked the banks in Araçatuba and exchanged fire with the police.

This Friday, two suspects were arrested in São Pedro, region of Piracicaba (SP), in an operation against drug trafficking. With the pair, the police seized tactical clothing, ballistic vests, flashlights, binoculars, money counting machine, .40 and .380 ammunition, cars, in addition to around R$3,000.

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