Barbara Evans Announces Pregnancy of Her First Child After Fertilization

Barbara Evans today announced the pregnancy of her first child, after completing the fertilization process. The moment of discovery was recorded and shared with internet users on his Instagram profile.

“Guys, I never thought this waiting was so difficult, but I have faith. I’m shaking from head to foot,” began the video. “Wow, my dream is to be written there pregnant,” she continued while waiting for the completion of the pregnancy test. Seconds later, Evans took the test and cried with the result: pregnant.

“I don’t believe my God, it worked. I don’t believe it,” Evans said.

Following the video, the champion of “A Fazenda 6” (Record TV) showed the surprise she made to her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, to announce her pregnancy. The model put the result on the boy’s table napkin.

“Barbrinha. My God, I didn’t expect it,” said the businessman hugging his wife and showering her with kisses.

Fertilization process

The model and actress started the fertilization process in vitro in early June and decided to share the entire progress with followers, through weekly videos on their social networks. Evans said he gained 14 kilos during the process.

Last Wednesday, the influencer transferred two embryos and was thrilled with the positive result. In the previous video, Evans said that her uterus, according to tests, was ready to receive the children. The third embryo, according to the responsible medium, remained frozen in the laboratory.

In another moment, the actress detailed the entire process for internet users about fertilization. in the tool stories, she said that it was not possible to know the sex of the embryos, and that it was only possible to transfer two embryos at a time.

The couple managed to gather 12 embryos in all during the three months of treatment, but only three were considered healthy after the cancer biopsy. This test was necessary to find out if the cancer gene was present in the embryos.