Bolsonaro goes crazy dog ​​without explaining his family’s bites – 03/09/2021

The crack, a euphemism for stealing public money, is a widespread practice in legislative houses in Brazil. But no other politician has managed to execute the detour with Bolsonaro’s entrepreneurial sophistication. He came to the Presidency of the Republic as head of a family organization what it has been managing a holding company of the crack for three decades. Founded in Bolsonaro’s mandate in the Federal Chamber, the venture gained at least two branches in the offices of his sons Flávio and Carlos Bolsonaro.

The revelation of Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos, who says he was forced to pay back 80% of his salary each month when he worked in the office of then state deputy Flávio Bolsonaro, is the reiteration of an already dissected vice. In the face of such an open scandal, every time Bolsonaro acts like a crazy dog, he embarrasses someone in Brazil.

The Federal Supreme Court needs to explain, for example, why it contributed with decisions that added more than a year of delay in the Bolsa Precção, the criminal project conceived by the holding company of the crack. The Superior Court of Justice owes an acceptable justification for the fact that it sent to the garbage can documents that attested to deviations of more than R$ 6 million in the former office of the eldest son Flávio.

Bolsonaro himself, when he growls at the institutions by declaring that he calls his devotees to the streets on September 7 to defend freedom of expression, should feel obliged to explain the difficulty of expressing himself about the crack bites, including the bites that arrived. to First Lady Michele’s account.

More embarrassing than the patriarch’s silence about family perversions is the absence of Carlos Bolsonaro, a noise specialist who lost his tongue after the court granted the Public Ministry authorization to scrutinize his bank and tax data. The judiciary abandons its role as a hindrance so that the first-family can provide the country with the explanations it owes.