Bolsonaro passed command of the crack to Flávio and Carlos after discovering Ana Cristina’s betrayal, says former employee

Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos, the former employee who denounced to the column a series of alleged crimes committed by the Bolsonaro family, says that President Jair Bolsonaro decided to transfer to Flávio and Carlos Bolsonaro the command of the alleged corruption scheme in their offices after discovering who was betrayed by his then wife, lawyer Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle. The former official revealed, in an exclusive interview, that she was the first to control the entire collection of part of the salaries of all parliamentary advisors to the president’s two sons, respectively first and second heirs of Bolsonaro.

In this part of the interview, Marcelo tells of having witnessed several coups carried out by Ana Cristina, from whom the head of the federal Executive separated in 2007. The president would have knowledge of some of these alleged crimes. However, pressured by Ana Cristina, he would have connived at different times. First, during her married life – when she would have commanded, under Bolsonaro’s consent, the embezzlement of money from the offices of her two parliamentary sons. Then, during the couple’s tumultuous divorce.

In 2008, according to Marcelo, the lawyer, amidst the dispute over custody of Jair Renan Bolsonaro, would have simulated the theft of a safe that the couple kept at Banco do Brasil, in order to accuse the president.

The safe theft was revealed in 2018 by reporters Hugo Marques, Nonato Viegas and Thiago Bronzatto. But it would all have been a lie. Ana Cristina filed a lawsuit in April 2008 in the 1st Family Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro accusing Bolsonaro of having stolen the belongings at Banco do Brasil. Inside the safe, there were jewels valued at R$600,000, US$30,000 in cash and around R$200,000, also in cash – an amount that, calculated by reporters for 2018 values, was worth around R$1 .6 million.

According to Marcelo, it was Ana Cristina herself who emptied the safe.

“There were jewelry and money. She filed a lawsuit against Banco do Brasil, but when she was summoned, she wasn’t. She saw that she did m… and didn’t even show up. The process kept going. She’s the one who cleaned the safe, before deciding things,” he said.

The false theft of the safe was registered on October 26, 2007, at the 5th Precinct of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, by Ana Cristina, who had already filed the complaint accusing Bolsonaro. According to Ana Cristina’s report at the police station, she was at the Banco do Brasil branch and was unable to access the safe with her key. A locksmith called by the bank would have managed to open it when she found the safe was empty. From there, she would have already gone to a police station with the aim of accusing Bolsonaro.

During the investigation into who was responsible for the safe theft, Bolsonaro testified in the Jair Renan custody case in which he accused a woman of blackmailing him. He claimed that Ana Cristina had kidnapped her son, taking him to Norway, and conditioned the boy’s return to the return of the money and jewelry allegedly stolen from the safe.

Bolsonaro attached this testimony with the accusation of kidnapping to the investigation into the theft, and from then on the investigation never moved forward with the Civil Police of Rio. Ana Cristina was called to testify, but she never appeared, and the now ex-couple arrived in an agreement. Jair Renan returned to Brazil, a pension was agreed and the false theft was in the background.

According to Marcelo, Bolsonaro asked for separation because he discovered that his then wife was cheating on him with her security guard, military firefighter Luiz Cláudio Teixeira, who was escorting the clan in Rio de Janeiro. It was there that Bolsonaro’s trust in Ana Cristina would have been broken, and the president would then have authorized the children to start handling themselves the collection of the amounts diverted from the salaries of their parliamentary advisors. According to the ex-employee, the command of the crack would then leave the hands of Ana Cristina and would be the direct responsibility of Flávio and Carlos Bolsonaro.

Now read the second part of the interview with the former employee.

Why did you resign from Flávio Bolsonaro’s cabinet?

That’s exactly when the problem with betrayal came.

What betrayal?

She betrayed him.

Did Ana Cristina betray the president?

Yes. He betrayed with his security guard, Luiz Cláudio Teixeira, who was from the Fire Department.

Did Bolsonaro find out and that’s why they split up?

It was was. Was because of this. There was already that boys’ war [Flávio e Carlos] pressing him because she ran the little chap in their office. This tense atmosphere was already there. Then came the story of betrayal.

And why does this have to do with your departure from Flávio’s office?

Because she was very close to me, I had no real friends, so we would go out together, I would go with her to parties and stuff. So, when she started to stay with Luiz, I started to get a bit like that, because Bolsonaro always trusted me a lot. Even in relation to Jair Renan too, on weekends, I would sleep over at their house. When Bolsonaro went to Brasília, he asked me to sleep in the house there. So it was during this period that I slept there that she started to take Luiz into the house.


And were you bothered by it?

I couldn’t tell him, because I had the confidence of both of them, I was stuck in a dead end. So I made the decision that it was better for me to get away and leave them aside, so that they could settle their lives there. If I kept quiet, when he found out, I would come out as a traitor, having betrayed his trust. If I told him, I would look bad with her. I didn’t want to look bad with anyone. So I got hurt, I asked for my resignation and stuff. That’s why she had a heavy conscience and asked me to work there at Valle Advogados. I totally screwed myself up. Later, Bolsonaro found out why I left there, because at the time he didn’t want to, didn’t want to accept. One of the maids at the house knew why I was leaving and commented to Flávio and Carlos about the reason. Then he even called me to talk and said: “Wow, Marcelão, kidding. You lost everything, lost everything you had because of her, you could have told me”. Then I said: “No, Bolsonaro, I didn’t want to betray her or betray you, so I preferred to harm myself, I left the scene and you could resolve yourselves, because that was not my intention”. And yet, after the breakup, I was the only one who took her side. Of course, she didn’t have a fucking thing, he was the guy. I was the only sucker who went with her, and yet I feel wronged because she never valued me for it.

How was their divorce?

In that sharing of goods, at the time, she got a lot of bullshit, disappeared. Remember the history of Banco do Brasil? She had two safes at Banco do Brasil. After the separation, she said they stole because everything that was in the safe disappeared. I had jewelry, money. She filed a lawsuit against Banco do Brasil, but when she was summoned, she wasn’t. She saw that she screwed up and didn’t even show up. The process kept going. She’s the one who cleaned the safe, before deciding things.

Are you sure she emptied the vault?

She really emptied it. Who was going to empty it? The safe is in his and her name. He wasn’t even there… She’s so retarded she wanted to blame him. But he’s not ignorant, right? Then he said: “How are you going to prove that I went to Banco do Brasil if I wasn’t?”. Then she went, she got so mad she forgot. She filed a lawsuit against Banco do Brasil, saying that the Banco do Brasil, which had to give an account of how the coffers were… It was going to be bad for her. When she was subpoenaed in the process, she did not appear. Then the process stopped there.

Did she tell you herself that she was the one who emptied the vault?

I knew everything that happened. She told me everything.

How was their divorce?

It was his lawyer who did everything, each one got a part. At the time, she kept the two lands they had in Limeira, in Resende. Then there was another large piece of land, which she sold for R$ 3 million, and he got the house they had in Barra, with the house in Mambucaba. This flat she bought to meet her lover she also sold during this period. She tried to give it a few strokes before leaving to share the goods.


Did she blackmail the president?

When he started to be pressured by his children, in the chap business, she had to take action. That’s when she started threatening him. If he did something, she was going to screw with him too. First, she blackmailed him using the [Jair] Renan. She said that she would disappear with Renan, this and that. She is capable of it all. Then she even wanted to use me to blackmail him. She even said that if he pulled her out of the deal, she would be able to divulge that she had caught him in bed with me. Then he let the crack continue.

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