Bolsonaro passed the crack to his children after Ana Cristina’s betrayal, says website

Bolsonaro passed the crack to his children after Ana Cristina's betrayal, says website

Photo: Roberto Jayme/Ascom/TSE

Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos, who was Jair Renan’s ghost employee and nanny, gave Metropoles more details about the crack scheme set up by Jair Bolsonaro in the family’s offices. According to him, the lawyer Ana Cristina Valle was replaced in charge of transfers after a marital betrayal.

“She betrayed him with his security guard, Luiz Cláudio Teixeira, who was from the Fire Department”, says Nogueira.

From then on, Bolsonaro would have authorized the sons Flávio and Carlos to start handling, themselves, the collection of amounts diverted from the salaries of their parliamentary advisors. His own children put pressure on him, says the former adviser. As a result, Ana Cristina began to blackmail the then deputy.

When he started to be pressured by his children, in the chap business, she had to take action. That’s when she started threatening him. If he did something, she was going to screw with him too. First, she blackmailed him using (Jair) Renan. She said that she would disappear with Renan, this and that. She is capable of it all. Then she even wanted to use me to blackmail him. She even said that if he pulled her out of the deal, she would be able to divulge that she had caught him in bed with me. Then he let the crack continue.”