Bolsonaro threatens and says he ‘may go outside the four lines of the Constitution’ on 7 September

President Jair Bolsonaro raised the tone of the threats and asserted that he ‘can leave the four lines of the Constitution’ if ‘anyone wants to’, then declaring that the acts of September 7 will be the ultimatum for ‘two people’. The statements were given during an event in Bahia this Friday 3.

“We don’t need to go outside the four lines of the Constitution. There we have everything we need. But if someone wants to play outside these four lines, we will show that we can do it too”, threatened Bolsonaro.

The statement was met with shouts of ‘I consent’ from supporters. The catchphrase is a reference that they would be ‘authorizing’ a coup by the president.

The president also said that after the 7th, ‘those one or two’ who challenged him ‘will return to their place’: a clear reference to ministers Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Roberto Barroso.

“I doubt that those one or two who dare to challenge us, defy the Constitution, disrespect the Brazilian people, [não] he will know how to get back to his place”, he added.

“They have to understand their place,” he said. “On the streets, on the next 7th, it will be the ultimatum for these two people,” he added.

Bolsonaro is in the Northeast to sign the concession contract for the west-east railroad. The visit to Bahia takes place days after Lula passed through the region. The main adversary’s caravan in 2022 did not pass unnoticed to the current president.

“It’s great to return to our Northeast, once used for political purposes”, he needled after praising the ‘green and yellow flags’ where the ‘red flags’ used to be.

The president also said that in his government there are no political nominees for the ministries. However, he recently gave up his government’s main seat to appoint an ally of the Centrão in the name of ‘governance’.

In the speech, he also called governors ‘dictators’ for promoting the lockdown during the pandemic and blamed them for the price increase in Brazil.

At the end of the statements, he tried to minimize the threats, saying that he does not criticize the institutions, but rather punctual criticisms, by celebrating André Mendonça’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the renewal of seats at the Court.

Then, however, the tone rose again: “We cannot allow these one or two people, using the force of power, to want to give another direction to our country”, he said without mentioning the names of Moraes and Barroso, targets of its threats.

“Bend the Constitution. […] Understand that you two are on the wrong path. There is always time to redeem yourself”, he declared. “We are going to defeat those who want to take us to the path of Venezuela”, he added. President said protests on September 7 will make “one or two who challenge us to go back to their place.”

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