Bonus for electricity bill reduction will only come in 2022

Bonus for electricity bill reduction will only come in 2022

Photo: Geraldo Bubniak/ANPR

The bonus on the electricity bill for those who reduce consumption by at least 10% in the last months of this year will only be applied at the beginning of 2022.

The program, which was announced yesterday (31) by Minister Bento Albuquerque and becomes effective today, works like this: consumers will receive a discount on the electricity bill of R$ 0.50 for each 1 kWh of consumption reduction, provided that the reduction is at least 10%, and limited to discounts equivalent to up to 20% on the reduction.

The discount was announced as R$50 for every 100 kWh of consumption reduction, but it is not necessary to add 100 kWh of savings to be entitled to the bonus.

The consumption reduction percentage will be calculated based on average invoices from September to December 2020. The reduction will be calculated based on the reduction of the average of the last four months of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020.

An example provided by the Ministry of Mines and Energy: “if a family consumed 120 kWh in September 2020, 130 kWh in October, 110 kWh in November and 140 kWh in December 2020, the basis of its calculation will be 125 kWh. So, if the next consumptions of this family are 105 kWh in September, 110 kWh in October, 100 kWh in November and 110 kWh in December 2021, its average consumption during the calculation of the program will have been 106.25 kWh. Therefore, this family will have reduced 15% its consumption in the months of calculation of the program in relation to the average of the same months last year. In this case, at the end of the program, she would have the right to receive R$37.50 as a bonus”.