Brazil reaches 21 gold medals and already has the best campaign in history – 03/09/2021

Brazil already has, in Tokyo, the best campaign in its history in the Paralympic Games. For now, the Brazilian performance in Japan is tied with that of London-2012 both in number of golds (21) and silvers (14), but already ahead in bronzes (26 to 8). In addition, at least one more medal will come in the next dawn, when the Brazilian men’s 5-a-side football team, for the blind, competes in the final of the sport against Argentina.

The certainty of the record campaign came with the gold medal of Thiago Paulino, Thiagão, in the shot put in the F57 class, in a competition that also had the bronze medal of Marco Aurélio Borges. A Chinese man stood among them, with the silver medal.

The swimming competition, in which Brazil won eight gold medals, has already ended, this Friday (3), with a last bronze from Brazil, with Wendell Belarmino, in the blind class, in the 100m butterfly. When this result happened, swimming led the domestic medal table in Brazil, tied with athletics in golds and silver, but ahead for bronze.

But it is athletics that will end this dispute at the front, and with a record of medals. The modality reached its ninth gold medal today, thus surpassing the Rio-2016 campaign, when Brazil won eight gold medals, 14 silver and 11 bronze, in a total of 33.

And there are even more medals to win, because athletic competitions still have one more day of competitions at Tokyo National Stadium, this Saturday (4) in Japan, and with the marathon contest in five different classes on Sunday (5), closing the Paralympics schedule.

The trend is that these events will allow Brazil to expand its gold medal record both in general and in athletics. More difficult will be the goal of breaking the total medal record in both lists. In athletics, the country has 22 medals, against 33 in the Rio-2016 campaign, and overall there are 61, compared to 72.

At least one medal will come from five-a-side football, which competes in the final against Argentina. In seated volleyball, Brazil is in the two bronze decisions, in men’s and women’s, against Bosnia and Canada, respectively. In addition, the country has real chances for a medal in taekwondo (Debora Menezes is the current world champion in the category and will fight tomorrow), in parabadminton (Vitor Tavares is in the semifinals) and in the kayaking events of speed canoeing.

For now, the country is in seventh place in the medals table, one gold behind the Netherlands and three behind Ukraine. But there are chances that Brazil will win these two positions and be fifth. The Dutch concentrate their medals on cycling and the Ukrainians on swimming, and these two modalities have already ended their disputes.

Anyway, in the worst case Brazil repeats the seventh place in London-2012. That’s because the eighth place in Tokyo is Australia, which is three gold medals behind Brazil and concentrates its medals on swimming.