Carla Perez gets angry and makes a shack with a streaming platform

Carla Perez, singer and former dancer of the It’s the tchan, exalted himself on social networks with a streaming platform. Through Twitter, the wife of Xanddy Harmonia, was quite indignant with the release of a new international production starring Camila Cabello.

In an interview with Variety, Camila Cabello, ex-fifth harmony talked about the opportunity to be the first Latin Cinderella in history: “We’ve never seen this representation before. It’s just an honor.” During the chat, he also spoke behind the scenes of the recordings: “The first few weeks were really scary because it was all so new for me and I didn’t want to mess it up.”

Camilla Cabello’s label did not please Carla Perez. Angry with the release of the film, the dancer needled the streaming platform: “What is this story, Amazon Prime Video? First Latin Cinderella? Respect Cinderela Baiana my love!”. It was even left for Lázaro Ramos, who also made history.

After Carla Perez’s negative comment, Amazon Prime Video spoke out trying to alleviate the situation: “Carlinha, you will always be our unique and unforgettable Cinderela Baiana. Just wait for it to come!”. Cinderela Baiana is a musical comedy film from 1998, starring the former É O Tchan. The feature film tells the story of the beauty and was released in theaters. The film’s cast has known names: Alexandre Pires, Lázaro Ramos and Lucci Ferreira.

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The film Cinderela Baiana was detonated at the time and considered one of the worst national films. Who liked it was Daniela Mercury, who defended the production for valuing the scenery of her land. The feature film was also cited by Veja, Estadão, Adoro Cinema and Superinteressante magazine as one of the worst Brazilian films.

Cinderella’s casting, starring Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend, on Amazon Prime Video brings several international stars. Idina Menzel, James Corden and Billy Porter who stand out in the magical plot. The film’s official synopsis places the lead artist as an ambitious and dreamy woman.

“Cinderella is a bold musical adaptation of the traditional story you grew up listening to. Our heroine, played by Camila Cabello, is an ambitious young woman whose dreams are much bigger than the world allows. But with the help of her Fab G (Fairy Godmother), she manages to persevere and make her dreams come true”.

The name of the beauty was on the lips of the people recently, after giving a luxury gift to the daughter of Léo Santana and Lore Improta. Carla Perez and Xanddy Harmonia met with the couple and delivered a mini crib that attaches to the artists’ bed: “Today we enter Liz’s 36th week! Look at my house, this one was a gift from Uncle Xanddy and Aunt Carla! Here there’s only baby stuff, there’s nowhere to put anything, thank God! But I’m already dying for her little room to get ready so I can organize my house!”

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