Castan says he was “theoretically required to wear” Vasco’s rainbow shirt

Castan with a shirt with a rainbow sash — Photo: André Durão

This Wednesday (01), the defender and captain of Vasco, Leandro Castan was questioned during a press conference about an old controversy.

On June 27th, Castan used his social media profile and posted a biblical passage. “Be fertile, multiply and fill the earth.” The captain’s statement took place on the same day that Vasco took a series of actions in favor of the LGBTQIA+ movement, including using the rainbow instead of the black color in the uniform. With information from Globo Esporte.

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More than two months after the Vasco victory by 2-1, the defender explained the content of the message in a press conference.

“I am the first to respect the institution and the fan. I’m grateful for Vasco. The moment I exposed what I believe, when I was theoretically forced to wear a shirt, I think some people didn’t like it. But I respect everyone and I also think I have to be respected”, he explained.