Cátia Fonseca shocks when she takes action and appears on Globo live; look!

Catia Fonseca
Cátia Fonseca appeared live on Globo and surprised Ana Maria Braga (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Band Contractor, Catia Fonseca appeared this morning Thursday (2) at the More you. That’s right, in the Globe. The presenter participated in a merchandising action for a clothing brand and spoke with Ana Maria Braga.

In recorded video, the competitor’s artist celebrated the moment, which happened remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Good morning, Ana and everyone who is watching us. How are you? Are you okay, Ana?”, commented the titleholder of the Best of the Afternoon.

“It’s a huge joy to be here with you. First of all, I wanted to confess something you already know. I’ve always wanted to meet you, but that’s since before I got into television. When you left ‘Note and Note’ and I took over, my dream was to find you anywhere”, pointed out the famous one.

Cátia Fonseca continued speaking: “I walked around the cafeteria thinking you were there, that in the hallway I could find you, but our paths never met. Today is being a very special day for me, something for a fan, admirer even”.

Ana Maria Braga thanked her for her affection while promoting the sponsor’s action. “A meeting with a special person that I have never been able to find. Catia is always very affectionate in this relationship”said the blonde.

The crossover was created by Riachuelo to promote an encounter that has been awaited for over 20 years. The action contemplated the social networks of Ana and Cátia, who spoke better about the experience, in addition to showing those present.

It is the second time that the brand brings together unlikely hosts and channels to generate buzz on social media. In 2020, the brand joined the presenters Chris Flores, from SBT, and Cátia Fonseca, from Band.

Check out the repercussion:

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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