CBLOL 2021 Final: Rensga Koreans talk about Brazil and low level of players | lol

The South Koreans from Rensga, hunter Jong-hoon “Croc” and midfielder Hee-min “Yuri”, arrived in Brazil with discretion, but became highlights in the classification of the Goiânia (GO) team for the 2nd Split final of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) of 2021, to be played this Saturday, starting at 1 pm (Brasilia time), in Rio de Janeiro. In interviews with GE, the foreign athletes talked about the decision to come to Brazil, the level of Brazilian players and the expectation for the decision.

With passages for teams in China, Japan and Australia, Croc told the ge who was surprised by Rensga’s contact, as it was the first proposal received from Brazil.

— I accepted the invitation to come play the 2nd Split for Rensga because I was confident that I could have a good performance, as the team would also sign another Korean — reported Croc, in a written interview, brokered and translated by the club’s press office of Goiania. The South Korean duo was signed in May, along with Brazilian supporter Yan “Damage”, before the start of CBLOL 2021’s 2nd Split.

Koreans Croc (left) and Yuri, LoL players from Rensga at CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

He said he is having a good experience in Brazil, although there is a “clear difference” in relation to South Korea, but “not that big”. The player did not specify in the response sent to the ge, what is the difference.

“There is a clear difference from Korea, but not that big. So everything is fine! It’s been a good experience, mainly because I think I’m performing well here.

Rensga Koreans receive classes in "Goiás"

Rensga Koreans receive “goianes” classes

Regarding the level of Brazilian players on CBLOL, Croc replied:

— The upper-level players are very good, but I think the lower-level players need to improve a lot.

The player highlighted that the experience he had at Chiefs Esports Club, the Australian team with which he reached the semifinals of the two OPL splits in 2020, has been helping him in Brazil.

— It helped me a lot not to lose focus on what I came to do. I was able to hold on because I had the same experience in Australia, when I also reached the semifinals.

Rensga players before the final of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

For Croc, reaching the final is the achievement of the goal he set himself when he came to Brazil. He wants to win the decisive confrontation and meet the Australian representatives at Worlds 2021 and “surprise them”.

Yuri believes in a high-level final and prepares to “show a good game”:

— It’s a match against very good players. I want to show a good game – said the middle, in the interview with ge, mediated and translated by Rensga’s press office.

In the athlete’s opinion, being in CBLOL’s decision will help him to “search for the next team”.

– Reaching the final will help a lot when looking for the next team. I really want to win and go out into the world.

Yuri played for South Korean teams before joining Rensga and is in his first experience with a team in an emerging region. He points out that the level of play in Brazil is “very different” from that of South Korea and believes that Brazilians “have a lot to learn”.

— [O jogo do Brasil em relação à Coreia do Sul] it’s quite different! Mainly the mechanics and, therefore, the Koreans do well here. To be honest, [o nível] is very low compared to Korea. So, Brazilian players have a lot to learn.

Yuri (left) and Croc, Korean players on Rensga’s LoL team — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Yuri said that he accepted Rensga’s proposal to compete in CBLOL because “I wanted to face a new challenge” and that the experience of living and playing in Brazil has been fun.

He admits that having another Korean on the team helps him, but said he could go even further if it weren’t for the language barrier:

– Helps a lot! However, if I speak English or Portuguese, I would like to experiment with taking more control of the team.

Rensga and RED Canids Kalunga will play the final of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2021, in Rio de Janeiro, this Saturday, at 1:00 pm, in a best of five matches (md5). The games will be broadcast on the official streaming channels of Riot Games Brasil and on SportTV 2. The winning team takes the title, the R$ 70 thousand prize and the classification for the World Championship in LoL.