Celso Portiolli debuts new format of ‘Show do Milhão’: ‘It’s in the affective memory of the population’ | Television

Spending hours watching TV shows on open channels is almost in the past. In the photo, the ‘Million Show’reproduction

The success of the “Show do Milhão”, led by Silvio Santos, in the early 2000s is undeniable. Thousands of Brazilians stopped to answer questions asked by the presenter and test their knowledge, whether watching the program live, or playing with board games and for the computer. For those who are nostalgic, this Friday, the new “Show do Milhão” will debut, led by Celso Portiolli, at 23:15, on SBT.

“This program is part of the Brazilian family. I see people playing the game live, making it live. People love the quiz program, even more so with a wonderful prize. It is a program that is in the affective memory of the Brazilian population. Anyone who doesn’t know will fall in love. It’s very nice to present. It’s great to participate, and it’s much better to watch”, points out presenter Celso Portiolli.

And if the world has changed in 12 years, the program has also undergone some modifications, but keeping its essence. In partnership with Pic Pay, the new “Show do Milhão” continues with the question and answer format, in which the participant must answer 16 questions and can count on four types of help: cards, plaques, university students and jumps. The main difference is in the way you participate. From any payment over R$50 made through the application, the person generates a number, which can be drawn to go to the program.

Without Silvio Santos
One of the most significant changes in the show’s return is the change of presenter. And replacing Silvio Santos is not an easy task, but Celso guarantees to take it out of hand. “It’s an emotion. I’ve always been a viewer of ‘Show do Milhão’ and when Pelejo (director) called me, the first question I asked him was: ‘but is Silvio (Santos) aware of this? He said: ‘Of course, it was his choice’. I was very honored. I was also worried”, points out Celso, who also talks about the emotion of the moment:

“When you live, you don’t really feel what’s happening. For me it’s work like any other. Presenting this program is the dream of building a career. I always dreamed. I started behind the camera and then went forward. I’ve done small, medium and large programs. I’ve already replaced presenter. I feel like it’s the career that’s going on. And SBT knows that when you need it, you can count on me. When they give me the program, they know that I will have a great dedication to give results. I don’t feel any difference between the programs. The responsibility for me is the same. I face everything with great difficulty, because I know it’s not easy to do, but also with great love.”