Central Bank launches Pix Saque and Pix Troca with limit during the day and at night

The Central Bank will implement on November 29 the Pix withdrawal and the Pix Change, both with a maximum transaction limit both during the day and at night.

In a statement on Thursday (2), the BC explained that the maximum limit for transactions of the two products that are part of the Evolutionary Agenda of the Pix it will be R$ 500 during the day and R$ 100 between 8 pm and 6 am.

There will be, however, freedom for the providers of new products from the Pix work with limits lower than these values ​​if they consider it more appropriate, said the monetary authority.

O Pix Cashout will allow all customers from any participant in the Pix carry out withdrawals at one of the points that offer the service, such as commercial establishments and shared ATM networks and participants of the Pix. For this, the customer must make a Pix to the withdrawal agent by reading a QR Code or from the service provider’s application.

The dynamics are practically identical in Pix Change, with the difference that the withdrawal of resources in kind can be made during the payment of a purchase to the establishment. In this case, the Pix is made for the full amount (purchase + withdrawal).

According to BC information, each consumer will be able to carry out eight free transactions per month. From the ninth on, financial or payment institutions in which the drawer has an account will be able to charge a fee. But the commercial establishment will never be able to charge for the service.

However, the BC president, Roberto Campos Neto, had already stated in an interview, without specifying values, that the merchants would receive “something”. This amount will be from R$0.25 to R$0.95 per transaction, depending on the negotiation with your relationship institution.

He also defended that this will be a great incentive for the shopkeeper, as, in practice, he will be remunerated for something he would do for free and that will benefit him, as he will be able to end the day with fewer cash resources in the cashier – implying less spending on cash security.

“The offer of the service will reduce the costs of establishments with cash management, such as those related to security and deposits, in addition to enabling establishments to gain more visibility for their products and services (“showcase effect”),” stated the BC.

*With Reuters