Chamber approves changes in Income Tax

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Chamber approved a bill that changes Income Tax rules.| Photo: Marcelo Andrade/Gazeta do Povo/Arquivo

To start this news summary. After an agreement with the opposition, the Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday night (1) the basic text of the bill that amends the Income Tax rules. There were 398 votes in favor of the text, 77 against and 5 abstentions.

New opinion. During the afternoon, deputy Celso Sabino (PSDB-BA), rapporteur of the project, presented a new opinion and made changes to the proposal. Among them, the maintenance of the simplified deduction without limits for individuals, the end of the exemption for interest on equity and maintenance of incentives for areas of social interest. See how the vote went.

Mini-labour reform. Provisional Measure 1,045, which provided for the renewal of the work and wage cuts program and intended to implement changes in labor laws, was rejected by the Senate.

Public utility

High fuel. A survey carried out by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) shows that, in the last ten weeks, the liter of gasoline increased by 5.1% at stations. Vandré Kramer explains why this rise and if there are prospects for it to stop. And do you know how the ICMS on fuel is charged? We explain.

health passport. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro recently announced restrictions for citizens who choose not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine – the so-called health passport. But, for the time being, there is no consensus among jurists and epidemiologists about the legitimacy of the measure, as highlighted by a report by Gabriel Sestrem.

Update. Brazil recorded over 737 deaths from Covid-19 and 27,345 new cases of the disease, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Altogether, Brazil already has 20,804,215 positive diagnoses and 581,150 deaths. As for vaccination, 130,767,769 were immunized with the first dose and 62,197,658 with the second.

politics and economics

Retraction in GDP. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Brazil had a reduction of 0.1% in the second quarter, below what economists had expected. The government attributed the fall to the fall in the coffee crop and the lack of inputs in the industry. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes downplayed the negative result and said he believed in a 5.4% increase in 2021.

Covid’s CPI. Covid’s CPI hears this Thursday (2) Marconny Faria, cited as a lobbyist who acted in favor of Need Medicines within the Ministry of Health. He had presented a certificate, which was eventually canceled by the doctor himself. On Wednesday, he deposed the motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva, who confirmed visits to the ministry, but denied having delivered any money.

round the world. The Venezuelan opposition announced that it would participate in regional elections scheduled for November 21 and called for a fair process. In the United States, a law has entered into force in Texas that prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. President Joe Biden, however, said the law “violates the constitutional right” and pledged to uphold the right to abortion.

What else do you need to know today

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Columns and Articles

STF, guardian of the truth. The function of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) is to act as guardian of the Constitution. Lately, however, the Court has taken on the role of guardian of the truth, as Professor André Gonçalves Fernandes analyzes in an article. Madeleine Lacsko shows how the left and the students themselves have increased attacks on freedom of expression in universities.

Our vision

Alert on economy. There is no way to ignore that the 0.1% retraction in GDP in the second quarter puts Brazil in the lantern of nations that have already released their numbers. We are facing a warning sign that no one can ignore and that poses a question about how the nation’s main political and economic actors are calibrating their priorities. Theme for our editorial: The GDP alert and priorities in Brasilia.

Threatened growth, an unemployed contingent that insists on staying above 14 million Brazilians and inflation already well above the 2021 target are an extremely worrying scenario. And, therefore, it is surreal that fighting this trio – stagnation, unemployment and inflation – is not in the minds of the occupants of the three powers day and night. The Executive and the Judiciary continue to strain the rope, with the Supreme Court gladly embracing the self-assigned role of censor – or “society editor”, in the unfortunate words of Dias Toffoli – and President Jair Bolsonaro insisting on themes such as the printed vote and betting in insinuations that keep militancy boiling.

to inspire

Paralympic farewell. This Wednesday, the career of the greatest Brazilian Paralympic athlete in history came to an end. At 33, Daniel Dias swam his last race at the Tokyo Games and finished fourth. It’s the end of a trajectory that adds up to 27 medals, 14 of which are gold. UmDois Sports recalls Daniel’s victorious career and shows how the farewell to the swimming pools was. Have a great day!