Check out ten options for 7 seater cars for sale in Brazil

The launch of Jeep Commander reawakened the interest of Brazilians for 7 seater cars. After all, it’s not because it’s big that it needs to look like a school van or be boxy and gangly. In this sense, the market brings together several options in minivans and SUVs with the most varied styles and technologies. O Car Journal separated a list that goes from Chevrolet The Land Rover and with an average price of R$ 200 thousand.

But before talking about the list, it is worth saying that this market is more demanding in relation to technologies. As much as families have declined, sales of this type of vehicle have increased. To give you an idea, the best-selling seven-seater car in the country is the Toyota SW4, which rose from 701 units in January to 1,308 licenses at the close of July.

Who is also swimming arm in arm in the segment is Chevrolet. Even though Spin is an old project, from the beginning of the last decade, it is the cheapest seven-seater model in Brazil and is in high demand – including by taxi drivers and app drivers. Its sales jumped from 782 units (January) to 1,175 units (July).

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Among the advantages of this type of vehicle is its versatility. In addition to being able to transport more people or pets more comfortably, the seven-seater car makes it possible to transform the third row of seats into (full) trunks.

However, prices have risen so much that it is difficult to buy a 7-seater 0-km car. Therefore, many consumers end up buying used and used cars. After all, not everyone has the initial little more than R$ 100,000 from Chevrolet Spin, to access the entryway of the category of models with up to seven passengers.


Among the oldest options are Chevrolet Zafira, Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont (picture above), JAC J6 and Nissan Grand Livina. All, have about ten years of use and cost around R$ 30 thousand. The affordable price, of course, can hide some surprises. Mainly, because they are models that are loaded with people and luggage.

See below 10 seven-seat models for sale in Brazil

1 – Chevrolet Spin


The cheapest model for up to seven occupants sold in Brazil starts at R$ 106,550 in the Premier version. It is the Chevrolet Spin, restyled in 2019, when it underwent design changes and modernization. It has a 1.8 8v Flex engine with up to 111 hp and 17.7 mkgf of torque. The exchange can be manual or automatic – both with six gears.

In total, they are 4.36 meters long, 1.74 m wide and 1.68 m high. The wheelbase, however, is 2.62 m. In the trunk, it goes from a scant 162 liters (with the last row of seats in a raised position) to 710 liters total – the largest among models up to R$100 thousand. Among the standard items, it has progressive electric steering, LED lighting, tire pressure alert, Isofix for fixing a child seat and 16″ aluminum wheels. Leather-covered seats, trip computer and speed controller are in the package.

2 – Fiat Doblò


The Fiat Doblò has hardly changed since it hit the market in the early 2000s. Under the front hood is the E.torQ 1.8 16v Flex engine. There are 132 hp of maximum power at 4,500 rpm. Torque is 18.9 mkgf. The exchange is always a five-speed manual.

For the package, the Essence configuration starts at R$ 124,504. They are, in total, 4.52 meters in length, 1.83 m in height and 1.72 m in width. Finally, the wheelbase is 2.57 m. On the list, air conditioning, but electric windows only in the front and there is no sound, only preparation. As a whole, Fiat asks for no less than R$ 124,504.

3 – Caoa Chery Tiggo 8

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And you can’t talk about a seven-seater car without mentioning the Caoa Chery Tiggo 8. The model gained projection through constant advertisements insinuating that the model is “the eighth wonder of the world”. In this sense, the model offers speed controller, front seats with electrical adjustments, automatic air conditioning in two zones and 10.25″ multimedia center among the standard items.

With a base price of R$ 185,890, the Tiggo 8 is the largest SUV in the Caoa Chery lineup. The model has a 1.6 turbo engine with direct injection and 187 hp and 28 mkgf, combined with an automated transmission of seven speeds and double clutch. In measurements, they are 4.70 m in length, 1.86 m in width and 1.70 in height and 2.71 m of wheelbase.

4 – Jeep Commander

Jeep Commander

And it was with an eye on the success of models like the aforementioned Chinese that Jeep soon tried to launch its seven-seat SUV. But this is not the Grand Compass, but a 100% new model. Derived from the Compass platform – but with longer wheelbases and larger rear doors and overhang – the Commander is packed with technology.

In the list, there is even an app that can be installed on the owner’s smartphone to control the vehicle, such as safety warnings and sending commands – like starting the engine remotely. Speaking of engine, the jeep offers the 1.3 flexible turbo (4×2) up to 185 hp and 27.5 mkgf and the 2.0 turbodiesel (4×4) with 170 hp and 38.7 mkgf. Dimensions: 4.77 m (length), 1.86 m (width), 1.68 m (height) and 2.79 m between the axles. Prices start at R$ 200 thousand.

5 – Toyota SW4


On the veterans list, the Toyota SW4 is the most successful model. Following in the footsteps of its sister Hilux, it is the best seller in the segment. With two finishing versions for seven people, part R$ 252,590. It has a 2.7 Flex 16V engine with 163 hp and a torque of 25 mkgf. In the more expensive version, the 2.8 16V turbodiesel generates 204 hp and 50.9 mkgf. Shift is six-speed automatic.

Items such as headlights with automatic switch on, driver’s seat with electric adjustment and digital air conditioning are on the list, as well as the multimedia center (8″) with digital TV. They are, however, 4.79 meters long, 1.85 m wide and 1.83 m high. Finally, there are 2.74 m of wheelbase.