China builds mini-helicopter for missions on Mars (PHOTO)

Scientists in China have developed a new mini-helicopter for exploring Mars. The new vehicle is almost a copy of NASA’s Ingenuity.

This Thursday, Sept. 2, China announced its new technical marvel: a prototype mini-helicopter that aims to collect data on future Martian missions, says Reuters.

In the images from the National Space Science Center of China, it is clear that the appearance of the Ingenuity helicopter and the Chinese mini-helicopter are almost similar. NASA’s Ingenuity was developed to “escort” the Perseverance rover during its mission to the Red Planet, which was searching for traces of microbial life.

The prototype Martian drone from researchers at the China Aerospace Science Center (CAS) was recently approved by the Beijing Science and Technology Commission. Now Chinese scientists will continue their exploration of the Red Planet.

China landed its Martian rover in May this year, becoming the second country to successfully send a mission to the Red Planet. The US was the first to conquer Martian soil.

However, it appears that China intends to fight for dominance in space, as it has very advanced technologies and is ready to compete with the United States in the cosmos.

Wang Xiaojung, head of the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technologies (CALT), says the country plans to permanently settle on Mars and develop the planet’s resources to its advantage using a giant fleet of vehicles that would travel between the two planets. : Blue and Red.