City Hall of Palmacia to exonerate female servants who applied CoronaVac to teenagers by mistake | Ceará

The secretary of Health of the municipality of Palmácia, Nara Melo, said this Friday (3) that those responsible for the error in the vaccination of teenagers against Covid-19 in the interior city of Ceará will be exonerated. The administrative process must be opened today, with the removal of public servants.

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On Wednesday (1), the municipality vaccinated 66 adolescents aged 17 with the CoronaVac vaccine. For the vaccination of this public, however, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) only allowed the administration of the immunizing agent from Pfizer. The recommendation of the Ministry of Health follows the determination of Anvisa.

At first, the folder stated that the vaccination cycle of adolescents vaccinated with CoronaVac would be completed with the second dose of Pfizer, within 12 weeks. However, this Friday, the secretary told the G1 that second dose will be given at a shorter interval, with up to 28 days.

According to the manager, “there was a human failure in the matter of coordination, an exchange. People aged 18 and 17 were being vaccinated at the same time, and there was a failure in the availability,” stated Nara Melo.

According to her, those responsible for the error “are being removed today and will no longer answer for the position”. The women are open for exams and will be dismissed as soon as the administrative process is completed.

According to Nara Melo, so far, there were no adverse effects observed. in adolescents who were wrongly vaccinated.

To avoid possible new mistakes, the secretary points out that she will change the coordination and will reassess the application at all points, including talking to nursing workers to align the measures.

home monitoring

The secretariat is following the 66 teenagers, and, on Thursday (2), apologized for what happened. “At the slightest sign of adverse reactions, look for the Primary Health Units or the Mixed Health Unit Virgínia Rodrigues Simplício”, he emphasized in a note.

Sesa also stated that the application of the vaccine is the responsibility of each municipality and that it informed the municipal health departments that for the public between 12 and 17 years old, the immunizing agent from Pfizer should be used.

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