Companies ask for authorization to build two new railroads in Minas – Economy

Proposal for a train on the Tri
A proposal for a train at Tringulo was submitted to the government by VLI, with an expense of R$2.7 billion (photo: Nindim Sanches/VLI/Divulgao)

The Ministry of Infrastructure presented, this Thursday (2/9), the first proposals from companies interested in building railway lines in parts of Brazil. The requests are based on the provisional measure that establishes the legal framework for rail transport. One of the suggestions concerns the construction of 235 kilometers of tracks between Chaveslndia and Uberlndia, in the Trinculo Mineiro region. There is also an idea for a locomotive that connects Ipatinga, in Vale do Ao, to So Mateus, in Esprito Santo. Together, the proposals would generate a private contribution of R$7.7 billion. The proposal for a train at Tringulo was submitted to the government by VLI, with an expense of R$2.7 billion. The line would be used to transport basalt and grains for export, with the Centro-Atlntica Railroad (FCA) connection. Details were given at Palcio do Planalto, in Braslia (DF), during the launch of the Pro Trilhos program.

For the carriages that would pass through the land of Ipatingu, the estimated investment was R$ 5 billion. The suggestion was designed by Petrocity Portos, to improve the transport of grain and cargo.

Railway expansion agenda by Tarcsio de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure in Bolsonaro (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

The Infrastructure portfolio received another eight railway proposals. Now the ministry will evaluate the applications. If the companies comply with all the requirements stipulated by the federal government, authorizations for the works will be granted. Together, the suggestions account for R$ 53.5 billion in investments, forming a modal of more than 3 thousand kilometers.

Palcio do Planalto estimates that, by 2035, railway authorizations could increase the share of railroads in the national transport logistics by up to 40%.

“We are starting September by rail today. We are celebrating our logistical independence,” said Tarcsio Gomes de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure.

Railway proposals:

– gua Boa/MT – Lucas do Rio Verde/MT: 557 km long, investment of R$6.4 billion;

– Uberlndia/MG – Chaveslndia/MG: 235 kilometers in length, an investment of R$2.7 billion;

– Estreito/MA – Balsas/MA: 245 kilometers in length, investment of R$2.8 billion;

– Shortline between Perequ/SP – TIPLAN/Porto de Santos/SP: 8 km long, investment of R$ 100 million;

– Maracaju/MS – Dourados/MS: 76 kilometers in length, investment of R$ 2.85 billion;

– Guarapuava/PR – Paranagu/PR: 405 kilometers of extension, investment of R$ 15.2 billion;

– Cascavel/PR – Foz do Iguau/PR: 166 km long, investment of R$ 6.25 billion;

– Aailndia/MA – Alcntara/MA: 520 km long, investment of R$6.5 billion;

– So Mateus/ES – Ipatinga/MG: 420 kilometers of extension, investment of R$ 5 billion;

– Suape/PE – Curral Novo/PI: 717 km long, investment of R$ 5.7 billion.