Companion reveals what bothers Messi at PSG

Credit: Instagram / Reproduction

Selection Partner, Paris Saint-Germain companion and personal friend. Angel Di Maria has property to talk about Lionel Messi’s intimacy for a long time with the Argentine star. According to him, there is something that bothers the current shirt 30 of the French team: differentiated treatment.

“Messi likes to be treated like one of the others and that’s how I treat him. If you make him like he really is, an extraterrestrial, then he’s in that bubble he doesn’t like. He’s from another world, another reality, but to me he’s just Leo. I’m proud to have played with everyone I played with, but the icing on the cake was missing: playing with Messi at a club. I had several opportunities to go to Barça”, he told in an interview with TyC Sports.

At the age of 34, Messi signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain until June 2023. The player returns to be Neymar’s teammate, where together they made history at Barcelona. Currently, the Argentine focuses on adapting to the new club and physical conditioning. On his debut, he entered the complementary stage and played for 24 minutes, taking up the Brazilian’s spot. Soon, the double on the field has not yet been seen by PSG fans. Something that is expected for next Saturday.


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