Corinthians Cryptocurrency sells out in two hours

The most loyal fans in the world lived up to their name and sold out the public sale of $SCCP tokens on the platform in less than two hours, breaking a new record among Brazilian clubs that have their own versions of coins.

You club tokens are gaining more and more popularity and Corinthians is the second Brazilian club to create a digital version of an asset for fans. The first was Atlético Mineiro.

In total, 850,000 SCCP tokens were sold for US$ 2.00, around R$ 10.40, for an amount of around 8.76 million reais — the São Paulo club should receive 50% of this amount in its cash.

What are fan tokens (FTO) like the one issued by Corinthians used for?

fan tokens, like the $SCCP issued by Corinthians this Thursday (2), allow their holders to have power to influence some small club decisions. These include redeeming VIP rewards and getting access to exclusive promotions.

On the MeuTimão website it was explained that the funds raised will be used to leverage many things in the club.

For example, we have the PSG team, which managed to hire Messi with the help of fans tokens, since part of the athlete’s salary was paid with the cryptocurrency $PSG to the ace.

Today, the $PSG token is priced at R$167.00 per unit, initially selling for around R$12.00.

In general, club tokens have fluctuations and appreciation in their price, just like Bitcoin itself. When the Corinthians $SCCP token is listed on brokers in the market, it can be “embraced” by fans just as it was with the PSG token.

Up, wheel!

The platform went crazy on Twitter due to the success of the Corinthians token, calling the fans “crazy”, as the club’s fans are known.

“FAITHFUL! YOU ARE CRAZY. A BRAZILIAN RECORD. All 850,000 $SCCP fan tokens available for this FTO have been sold. The $SCCP tokens will be listed and will be available at market price on 09/09/21”

Other big football clubs, such as Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint German and Juventus, have already joined this new digital asset for fans.

On the platform where these assets are created, it is also possible to find tokens for teams from other sports, such as basketball (Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and others), electronic sports (NaVi and OG), and even a token for the UFC and national teams.

club and fans together

Fan tokens (FTO) are a great way to encourage fans to continue to support the sport, as in the last year the presence of people in stadiums and arenas ended up being restricted.

In addition, the fashion of the FTOs seems to leave the fans closer to the club by giving them more voice.

In fact, this is an unprecedented innovation that has helped to greatly increase digital engagement between these companies and their supporters.

The sale of the Corinthians cryptocurrency was expected in recent days. The expectation is that more clubs will create their tokenized versions soon.