Corinthians de Rivellino and Garrincha faced Real Madrid for the first time in history 55 years ago

Exactly 55 years ago, Corinthians faced Real Madrid in Cádiz, Spain, for the Ramon de Carranza Trophy. Even playing away from home and against the team that, with the same formation, had won the European Champions League for three months, Timon was superior, but ended up staying in the tie by 1-1, goals by Tales for Alvinegros and Gento for the locals. On penalties, 3-2 for Real.

According to the report of the state the next day, the “result turned out to be unfair, as Corinthians totally dominated Real Madrid, exerting continuous pressure. However, their attackers lacked greater serenity to seek the goals”.

The newspaper was very appreciative of Garrincha’s participation, back at the club after participating in the World Cup in England. The striker, a great attraction of the tournament, passed easily through his opponents and crossed several balls for Flávio, but the center forward failed to hit the goal.

Mané, still in the first half, dribbled three markers and suffered a penalty from De Filippo, but the referee signaled an infraction outside the area. After this pressure for about 30 minutes, a forward by Real was fatal: a foul on the edge of the area, Pirri rolled and Gento kicked hard to make it 1-0.

Just before the break, Timon tied. So kid, Rivellino hit a beautiful shot for Tales, who received him face to face with the goalkeeper and kicked hard to score the 1 to 1. The second stage was a lot of pressure from Alvinegra, with Marcos replacing the tired Garrincha, but without a goal from Alvinegros.

The team could have returned home with the victory in overtime, as, on 14 minutes, Rivellino kicked hard, the goalkeeper hit back and Flávio, under the crossbar, managed to kick over. Nthe penalties, Nair and Marcos converted, Rivellino, Flavio and Gilson Porto missed. For Real, Gento stopped at Heitor, Pirri, Velasques and Sereno hit the beats.

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