Corinthians defines three possible names for a new bust at Parque So Jorge

Corinthians has defined three names to be immortalized with a new bust at Parque São Jorge, headquarters of the social club. At the launch of the Sócios fan token that bears the club’s name, fans who would acquire the Corinthians virtual currency were able to choose between three former Alvinegro players: Gilmar dos Santos Neves, Basilio and Ronaldo.

As soon as the token purchase was carried out and it was approved by the platform, the supporter could choose a name from the trio to be immortalized on the spot. The options have the following background:

  • Gilmar, a remarkable goalkeeper of the 50s, was world champion for Brazil in 1958 as a player for Timão, in addition to having in his curriculum a historic performance in the title game of the IV Centenary;
  • Basilio, the first Pé-de-Anjo, played for Corinthians for six years and was the scorer of the 1977 title in São Paulo, the most remarkable achievement in the club’s history;
  • Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, forward who played at the end of his career at Corinthians, but managed to win a Paulista, a Copa do Brasil and led some modernizations in professional football;

So far, there are ten honored by Corinthians at Parque São Jorge. In addition to Wladimir, the busts of the idols Neco, Luizinho, Cláudio, Baltazar, Sócrates, Rivellino, Teleco, Marcelinho Carioca and Ronaldo Giovaneli are also at the site. Zé Maria will be next (see below).

The process for creating the bust, it is worth noting, is initially 45 to 60 days, when the image is created in clay. After approval by family members and those involved in the process, the piece is cast in bronze, which requires another 30 days.

Bust already defined

It is worth noting that there is already a consensus name for a bust this year: right-back Zé Maria, a white athlete between 1970 and 1983, present in moments such as the Invasão, the 1977 title from São Paulo and the Corinthian Democracy. The information has been confirmed to the My Timon two months ago.

Father of Fernando Lázaro, who led Corinthians in two games last May, Zé Maria, nicknamed “Super Zé”, he was a symbol of the alvinegra breed in the 70s and even declared that he would play for Timão “even for free”.

Zé Maria defended the Corinthians shirt for 13 years, with 598 games and 17 goals scored. He was also part of the Corinthian Democracy, including being elected by his club mates in 1983, to take charge of the team, becoming the coach. As he had participated in three matches at the beginning of the championship, Zé Maria still has in his history the 1982/83 São Paulo bi-championship.

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