CPI asks that lawyer be coercively led to testify

Attorney Marconny Nunes Ribeiro Albernaz de Faria failed to testify this Thursday (2/9) at the Covid-19 Parliamentary Inquiry Commission. Therefore, the president of the CPI, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), asked the minister Carmen Lúcia, of the Federal Supreme Court, the coercive conduct for Faria to testify this Thursday. If not possible, requested that the session be rescheduled.

Randolfe Rodrigues, Omar Aziz and Renan Calheiros, respectively vice president and rapporteur of the CPI of Covid-19 in the Senate
Edilson Rodrigues/Senate Agency

In addition, Aziz, through the Senate Advocacy, asked for the lawyer’s passport to be withheld; the prohibition for him to leave the city where he lives without authorization from the CPI; and the telephone and e-mail address so that you can be contacted in case of need.

The senator also requested the notification of the Federal Public Ministry, so that it can take the appropriate measures, and the conviction of Faria for litigation in bad faith.

Marconny Faria filed Habeas Corpus not to appear at the deposition. The lawyer even presented a medical certificate to justify the absence. However, this Wednesday (1/9), the doctor who attended him contacted Aziz to inform him that he suspected the patient was lying. Therefore, the health professional would evaluate with the legal department of Hospital Sírio-Libanês the possibility of canceling the certificate.

“Marconny may have gone there to ask for a certificate without citing the CPI. The doctor said he provided 20 days for work purposes only. I don’t want to judge the doctor here, but a common worker may be dying who will never have 20 days off. We want to know from the doctor what test he used to give the guy 20 days off. I hope we have an answer,” said Aziz.

Carmen Lúcia denied the lawyer’s request, but he filed a request for reconsideration. In the petition, Faria maintained that he was not formally summoned to appear before the CPI. He also said that his lawyer only became aware of the notification after returning from a trip previously scheduled and informed to the commission on Tuesday (31/8).

Aziz noted that the reconsideration request was based on “a fallacious and clearly tainted plea.” And he stated that the lawyer failed to comply with the minister’s decision by not appearing at the deposition.

“Lord of the lobbies”
The vice president of the CPI, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), said that, since Wednesday (1/8), the Senate Police has been looking for the witness and the police escort was already determined for her to attend the House. .

Randolfe and other CPI senators appoint Marconny Faria not only as a lobbyist for Need Medicines, a company that acted as an intermediary in the contract for the Indian vaccine Covaxin, but also for other irregular businesses in the Ministry of Health.

“Marconny is not the master of the Needs Medicines lobby. He is the master of all lobbies. He is the ideal architecture on how to circumvent a bidding process,” said Ranfolfe.

For the CPI rapporteur, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), Marconny had a connection “with all aspects of this whole robbery”. According to him, the CPI played a fundamental role in investigating a gang that had taken over the Ministry of Health for years, also in other governments.

“They have nothing more to say. In view of the amount of information this committee has, they entered the stage of cynicism and are preferring to disappear, run, go to a hospital; but we will continue to clarify everything. He was an operator with Precise, but not only. Since June 2020, sectors of the PF and MP have known about Marconny’s role and this was hidden. They continued and, therefore, it worked: in this slaughter and in this political crisis.”

After the senators’ initial debate, Omar Aziz adjourned the meeting.

CPI charges
The negotiation for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin is not the only fact to be clarified by the CPI.

Lawmakers also want information on at least two other issues: Marconny Faria’s participation in the sale of tests against covid-19 to the federal government and what his relationship is with members of President Jair Bolsonaro’s family. With information from the Senate Agency.

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