Cristiano Ronaldo will wear jersey 7 at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo is about to wear the Manchester United shirt again. After a lot of mystery about the number that the Portuguese would use, the English club confirmed that he will continue with the shirt 7, the same number he used in his first passage for the team at Old Trafford.

Former number holder Edinson Cavani will take 21, the same one he uses when defending the Uruguay national team.

The question arose after Manchester United had registered Cavani with number 7 for the season, but, it seems, the board worked to resolve the issue and make Cristiano could already have the ‘customary number’ in the re-release, not needing to wait for the next season to change.

Ronaldo’s reunion with the Reds fans is scheduled to take place in the match between Manchester United and Newcastle for the 4th round of the Premier League, next Saturday (11). United is third in the league with 7 points.

Tickets Sold Out

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut in the Manchester United shirt could generate big expenses for English fans. Out of stock on the team’s official website, tickets for the match between United and Newcastle have been resold on the internet for up to 2,500 pounds, around R$18,000.

According to ‘The Times’, from England, parallel sites have made available around 200 tickets to the game, at prices ranging from 250 to 699 pounds, between R$1,800 and R$5,000 at the current price. Values ​​can still exceed 2,500 pounds for seats closer to the field.

Despite the commotion surrounding Ronaldo’s return to United, the club warns fans to avoid buying tickets on unauthorized sites and distributors. In a statement, Manchester United “advises fans to buy on third party sites”: “Generally, these entries are invalid and can cause inconvenience for those who bought”.