Cruzeiro plans to move from WeWork to Toca and president is already working at CT

Employees have already been advised of the intention to bring administrative areas closer to the soccer operation

Cruzeiro intends to take some strategic areas of the club, currently active in the WeWork building, on Shopping Boulevard, to Toca da Raposa II. The intention is to bring the work of these sectors closer to the operation of football, placing all employees in the same environment. The information has already been passed on to some collaborators of the star club and president Sérgio Santos Rodrigues has already been working on the star CT. The club has also been holding talks with WeWork to enable this transition of spaces.

In the first contact with the report, Cruzeiro did not respond. Afterwards, he informed that Toca da Raposa 2 has had a room dedicated to the presidency since its construction. At the moment, President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues chose to be even closer to the day-to-day of football, as the total focus is on access to Serie A.

Like the president, other professionals from strategic areas will also work at Toca 2, which does not mean that there will be a complete move from WeWork to the training center or any other physical space at Cruzeiro.

The decentralization comes nearly seven months after the club established WeWork as the new administrative workspace, leaving the headquarters located in Barro Preto. The space in the traditional starry stronghold would become a means of collection with the rent of commercial rooms.

At the time of this transition, some sectors, such as the Cruzeiro secretariat, were relocated to other club offices.

Cruzeiro pointed out that the WeWork operation would mean annual savings of more than R$ 2 million for the club in maintenance and fixed expenses. However, according to information from Super.FC, the departure of departments from the space on Shopping Boulevard is also due to the reduction of positions within the current administration of the club.

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