Deputy of the Deliberative Council reveals the value of Atltico’s payroll

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Since the beginning of the 2020 season, the athletic it had the support of patrons to carry out impact contracts. This year, for example, Galo was reinforced with high-level players, such as Hulk, Nacho Fernndez and Diego Costa. The arrival of the athletes raised questions about the club’s payroll, but board members are calm about the changes in finance.

Vice-president of the Athletic Board of Directors and member of the collegiate body that runs the club, Rafael Menin says Rooster’s payroll is currently very similar to December last year. In an interview with the channel speak rooster, he revealed Alvinegro’s monthly spending on football.

“You have to place charges, technical commission. If we are going to use the same language that the clubs publish, our payroll is R$ 13 million. But there are other incidental expenses, which are charges, technical commission, base divisions… to compare with what is said, our payroll is between R$13 and R$14 million,” said Rafael Menin.

But how come Atltico didn’t have a substantial increase in the payroll with the arrival of players this season? Rafael Menin explained the financial engineering of the club in recent months. He claims that the departure of athletes helped the club balance its finances.

“Marrony, Gabriel, Bueno came from Atltico, a dismissal for which we paid 50% of the salary. There may be another movement in the next two weeks. The idea is that we can manage, even with Diego’s arrival, keep the payroll exactly as it was in the month of June. That’s our goal, to make the payroll look like December, a parameter we have. The technical commission was very expensive, we had many players on loan with 50% of their salary paid by us . About 20 players are no longer part of the sheet. Our sheet for September or October will be the same as December last year. Today it is a little higher, but there should be some movement in September for us to return,” he added.

Atltico football director, Rodrigo Caetano revealed this Thursday that the value of the club’s payroll is around R$12 and R$14 million. Click here to read more.

above planning

While the payroll is similar to last year, Atltico exceeds expectations in terms of awards revenue. For this season, the club was planning to reach, at least, the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil. As he arrived semi of the continental tournament, he already collected a value higher than the estimated one.

“The situation at the end of the year will certainly be better than the situation at the end of 2020. Now, if we do very well in competitions, the situation can be considerably better. to all the finals, because that’s not going to happen. We plan, in the 2021 budget, to reach the quarterfinals of the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. So, it already has a profit, because it’s in the semifinals. Libertadores and goes to the Copa do Brasil, there is one more profit in relation to the planning. We can have a better year than what was expected at the beginning of the year, depending on the performance of the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil,” concluded Menin .